When Opportunity Knocks, You Should Seize the Moment

When I saw the opportunity to enter the small Business Contest Sponsored by Etsy,
I jumped at the chance.
Who wouldn’t want to win some cash to help there business along?
when opportunity knocks you should seize the moment

The Etsy Small Business Contest is a public voting contest. No purchase necessary. Open to residents of select countries only. Entry submission period ends 11:59:59pm EST on April 6, 2017. Voting opens March 16, 2017 and ends 11:59:59pm on April 6, 2017
I’d be honored if you voted for Del~Lillian’s!

Why should you seize the moment?
Even if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you want. You’ll learn from the experience. By taking a chance you’ve already won.
In this situation you are putting your shop out there, talking about it, maybe to people you’ve never shared with. To me that’s winning.

Even if it doesn't work out the way you want, you'll learn something from the experience. Click To Tweet

I know my chances are slim to none, I am an underdog.

My following on social media channels are relatively small.

But I entered anyway.

When there is an opportunity like this, you don’t think . . . well I can’t win, so why bother?
You jump in, you take a chance.. This is the kinda stuff that makes life interesting!

Why should my shop win against others?
Why should others win against mine?

I think most Etsy Shop Owners deserve to win.

A few tidbits about Del-Lillian’s

  • I chose the name way before I had any inkling of what it would be.
  • The first business venture for Del~Lillian’s was as a baking bread for a few neighbors.
  • I opened my shop in August 2012, I didn’t know Etsy existed before that
  • When I opened my shop on Etsy it was: Del-lillian’s Handcrafted Creations. That was a mouthful!
  • A Chicken that my dad drew was my first logo
  • My first sale was to my mom and it was a purse. I liked that I could learn the process with someone I knew.
  • I started selling worldwide in January 2015

Some things I’ve learned along the way

  • Your Etsy Shop Name is limited to 20 Characters
    Del~Lillian’s HandCrafted Creations was much too long!
  • You need to actively work on your shop.
  • You need to look over your listings and constantly improve upon them.
  • Owning an online shop is a learning experience.
  • Some things will sell great and others will fall flat.
  • A full shop has a better chance of selling goods
  • It’s a challenge and I love that about it. When I get to a point where I start asking, what am I doing this for? I just remember why I quilt…

Why quilts?

  • Quilting is an exploration in color, movement, and design.
  • It’s warmth and love.
  • Quilts are an Exploration of Color and Movement
    Art Quilt, Original Design
  • It starts with bits of fabric; creating something totally unique out of them. It’s what drives me every day – even on those days where I think… can I actually make another quilt? (yes I have those days!)

On those days I just need to walk into my quilting studio.

  • I have a draft hanging on a wall
  • a sampler quilt hanging up in one corner
  • a baby quilt lovely and sweet at the sewing machine
  • an art quilt for an upcoming blog post on the design wall
    • Quilts are the music of my life. They inspire me to create – and hopefully my creations are inspiring others

That’s just a little of what Del~Lillian’s is about

I hope you will take a moment to vote for Del~Lillian’s in the Etsy Small Business Contest

A Win for Del~Lillian’s means tools that will allow me to have more time to create and the opportunity to pay it forward to other creative Entrepreneurs.

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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When Opportunity Knocks You Should Seize the moment. You never know where it will bring you. Even if it doesn't work out quite the way you wan, you'll learn something from the experience




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