You Don’t Know What To Do With That Handmade Quilt Do You?

Let me guess, you just received a gorgeous Handmade quilt as a gift, but you have no freakin’ idea of how to display it let alone take care of it!

You don't know what to do with that handmade quilt do you?
Well, let me help you out with that 🙂

First of all, someone who has a special gift made that beautiful handmade quilt.

(Yes, I am a little biased)

Even a quilt, designed simply, takes time and patience to create.
Even a quilt with a simple design takes time and patience to create

But your quilt, the one you just got, must be displayed!

You don’t want to stuff it in a box in some closet, do you?

There are a lot of caring ways to display your quilt.

There lots of ways to show off that quilt and an absolute NO NO!

If it’s a quilt made for a bed, well then you’ve got it made.
No problem put it on the bed.

If it’s a baby quilt, no problem, that quilt will keep your precious little one snug, cozy, and feeling loved.

If it a lap quilt or throw, display it over the back of a couch or chair when you’re not using it.

What if you want to hang it up?

The first question I have for you
Does the quilt have a hanging sleeve?

If it does you are so in luck.

Quilts with hanging sleeves are easy to hang with a nice sleek look.

I like this method of hanging quilts because it’s simple and clean looking.

Ordered Chaos,hung in a nice sleek way with no visible hanging implements

You can also use Curtain rods or wooden quilt hangers that come in a variety of styles and colors.

If it doesn’t have a hanging sleeve and you have no desire to add one, well there are options for you too.

For small quilts these Hang ups are perfect!

For a larger quilt something like this will do the job. Available from 30″ – 106″

You could also hang a sturdy curtain rod on the wall and fold the quilt over it.

Looking to do something different?

  • If it’s an art quilt….well you gotta hang it.
  • Pam G Three Wishes
    Quilt – “Three Wishes” Courtesy of Pam of For Quilts Sake

    Learn more about The Three Wishes Art Quilt

    If you got a table runner, placemats, or table toppers and you’re not so into that…don’t despair, and don’t shove it in a drawer…hang it dang it, hang it on the wall, hang it over a door, or use it as a decorative accent on your bed.

    There are Decorative ladders that you can display your quilts on too.

    Now this is what you aren’t going to do.

    You will not hang up that gorgeous handmade quilt with nails or tacks! Do Not do that!

    I hope this gave you a few ideas for displaying and enjoying your handmade quilt!

    If it was handmade – it is a treasure.

    Caring For Your Quilt

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    There are lots of different ways you can display your quilts.


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