Why You Need to Let Go of Your Quilting UFO’s

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Quilting UFO’s – Finish it, Make a Mini quilt out of it, Donate it, or…

Do I dare say? Toss it?
Why? Because they are wasting space, time, energy and might be causing you to feel overwhelmed or worse – guilty.

When are you going to finish that project?

You know, that one right there. Buried in the back of the cabinet.

Quilting UFO's they need to be taken care of!

Are you gonna or not? If not, then you, yes you, need to let it go – get rid of it!

I believe quilting & sewing projects, that haven’t been finished, create a feeling of overwhelm and guilt.

They need to be finished, tossed, given to someone who wants to finish it, or the materials used for something else.

Besides, those projects are just wasting space! Not to mention the time you waste moving the project from one spot to another!

You may not even realize how many projects you’ve forgotten about, until you do a deep cleaning of your space.

(So if you don’t wanna know, don’t clean! 🙂 )

The UFO’s appear – everywhere.

They get buried in the back of the cabinet. Tucked away in a box or bag in the closet.

There’s a pile of three unfinished and forgotten quilts in that bin.

Four sewing projects in the container.

And what’s in this? Oh, the quilt that was started 5 years ago.

Quilt waiting patiently to be finished  Quilting UFO's

The forgotten ones.
Can you relate?

Why I’m talking to you About Quilting UFO’s

Recently I rearranged and did a deep cleaning of my sewing room. aka the “The Quilting Cave”

Del~Lillian's Quilting Studio AKA The Quilting Cave
I love the layout, but not my mismatched cabinetry. The plan is built in cabinets – all in good time 🙂

At one point I seriously wanted to walk away from it all – forever – that was how overwhelmed I was! There were so many projects, that I had started and literally forgotten about.

There were outfits, stuffed dolls, and a zillion quilting projects.

Quilting UFO's

I read someplace “get rid of your UFO’s…”

I thought to myself, why would I want to do that?

When I have time, I’ll finish them… HA! 🙂 In my dreams!

You and I know that ain’t going to happen.

How do UFO’s happen anyway?

I mean every project is started with such an excitement!
Buying new fabrics, cutting it up, piecing it back together.
It’s such a joy…yet
UFO’s are lurking in every nook and corner. (Maybe even taunting you! Finish me….I’m so pretty!)

Quilting UFO Hose Quilt and Lake Side Village
Two Quilts I pulled out of the bins. The horses: Wild and Free Wallhanging by Mary Lou Yetmen and the seaside village my original.

There are as many ways to answer that question, as there are quilters on the planet!

  • Life got busy
  • Boredom
  • Plain old procrastination
  • Other projects became more important
  • No deadline!
  • Your reason here

So How or Why isn’t important. What is important is: if your not going to finish your Quilting UFO’s – you need to let them go!

Just of few ideas . . .
If the project still has all the materials and you still love it – Then by all means – finish the darn thing and get it off the shelf! Out of the Bin!

If you’ve cannibalized it to the point you can’t finish it – put the rest of the fabric back in the stash and use the orphan blocks for some small simple projects.

Donate it to someone who’d like to take on the project, (maybe you can even teach them a thing or two about quilting!)

Has it completely lost it’s appeal? You don’t even want to look at it or create something new from it? Then perhaps it does belong in the trash 🙁

What are you going to do with your UFO’s?

  • Finish the projects?
  • Donate them?
  • Make use of the Orphan blocks?
  • Put the fabric back into the stash?
  • Toss them?
  • Or tuck them neatly back into one of those bins?

I’m going to reevaluate my UFO’s –

  • Decide what stay’s and what goes.
  • Put fabrics back into the land of “Hey Use Me for your next project”
  • Use orphan blocks and somehow salvage what I can of projects that have been waiting patiently to be completed.

It’s super easy to get side tracked. And then – LOL Start a new project.

New projects are fun. They have all the magic in them. The forgotten ones though – they can feel more like work.

I know tossing out a few of my projects lightened my load.
I had forgotten about those projects anyway – so what was the point of hanging onto them and taking up all that space?

I think letting go of some of your quilting UFO’s relieves overwhelm, guilt, and frees you to love your newest and latest project!

Join me on a mission to finish up those forgotten UFO’s!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I find that making a list -inventory of my UFOs helps a lot and often I read that list (I post it every saturday) so it helps me dip into old projects if I’m “bored” or need something in between projects.

    • Bea, that’s a great idea and something I am working on too. Some of those UFO’s are going to become part of my blog soon 🙂

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