What’s the First Quilting Project I should Try?

What’s the first quilt that I should try to make?

You want to start your first quilting project, but you aren’t sure what pattern to choose?

There are no rules for choosing that first project.

What's the first quilting project I Should Try???

Some would steer you to a simple pattern, like a nine patch block, and others might steer you over to a log cabin or rails and fence design.

I say? Do something that you like, within reason.

“Beginner” patchwork patterns did nothing for me, when I started quilting.

My First Three Quilting Projects

I ignored the little symbols that they put in the magazines to let you know if it was a beginner project or advanced.

If I liked it I plunged in – and still do.

You’ll never know what you’re capable of doing unless you try.

If you find a project is too hard for you, take a couple of steps back, find a class or a good book that will help you out and teach the technique.

There are so many new tools available now that projects that were once difficult are much easier to master.

Quilting is a hobby that will always stretch you.

It is an adventure of learning new techniques – and new ways to approach a quilt block.

I think as you look for your first pattern, your intuition will let you know if you’re taking on too much.

Sometimes you might pick something you just can’t master now.
But don’t let that stop you from this craft.

Making quilts for family and friends is a blessing and a joy.

What will your First Quilting Project be?
Tell me in the comments below.

Happy Quilting 🙂

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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What's the first quilt you should try to make?  There is no right or wrong answer to the question.


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