What To Do About that UFO You Really Don’t Want To Finish

What to do about that UFO You really Don’t Want to Finish

UFO’s need to be dealt with
The problem is not all UFO’s are meant to be finished by you.

What to do about those UFO's you don't want to finish
You can:

  1. Give it away to someone who has the desire to do something with it
  2. Throw it away
  3. you could try to re-invent the project
  4. Leave it buried in a corner (not recommended)

It’s wonderful to make the attempt to finish projects you’ve started.

But If you’ve lost interest in a project and the only reason you are trying to finish it,
is just to finish it.
You won’t enjoy the process.

What fun is that?
Projects should bring you as much joy when you are working on them, as when you gift them or sell them to someone.

From my experience working on a UFO I wasn’t crazy about
I found myself consistently procrastinating

I never had a clear idea of what I was going to do with the stripped pieced rectangles.
They’ve been on the design wall for a long time.

The UFO Project

UFO Drift

The stripped pieced rectangles drifted from the design wall, to the table, and back.
Finally it got tucked away in a box.

It should have stayed there 🙂

But alas … I pulled out the stripped pieced rectangles and decided to turn them into a table runner.

Problems or excuses?

The first problem I ran into was the extra layer of cloth made the seams extra bulky.

I worked my way around that by manipulating the seams to lie flat.
When I finished the project I still wasn’t totally “into it”.
I just wanted to get it done so I could move to something more fun

When I ran out of bobbin thread it was the perfect excuse to quit for the day.
And for the next week because I was too lazy to wind a new bobbin!
But what I was really doing was procrastinating because I didn’t LOVE the project.
Quilting Close Up

Finally with a kick in the pants from my fellow Quiltsy Team Member Lily Sweeney of The Batty Quilter

I sat down a finished the dang thing.

Unfortunately I didn’t properly baste it.

I pinned it here and there and set off to do my machine quilting.

Much to my humiliation…the backing got messed up!=

On the Up side

It gave me a good excuse to experiment with an alternate binding technique!

I worked zig zag stitch over the raw edge of the runner and over a piece of yarn.

I was hoping the yarn would help to cover the edge of the batting that might show.

It isn’t perfect and needs continued experimentation.


  • If you’re not into a project, don’t waste your time trying to finish it. There are some things you need to let go.
  • A UFO may have become that because you’ve lost interest in it – Don’t feel guilty for that!
  • Trying to work on a piece that you don’t love makes it feel more like work than a joyful process

May you have a happy quilting day and pick your next UFO project carefully 🙂

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What to do About thoat UFO you Really don't want to finish.  Some UFO Advice


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