What is a Del~lillian Off the Wall Quilt?

The Del~Lillian Off the Wall Quilt is Abstract Fiber Art that wasn’t meant for the wall.

The original purpose? To bring a bit of art to the dining table

A Del~Lillian Off The Wall Art Quilt, as a Tablerunner

The term “Off the Wall Quilt” refers to:

  • The style being abstract, modern, and a bit “off the wall”
  • The pieces are not necessarily meant to be hung on the wall – although many can be!
Off The Wall Quilts have a purpose other than for wall decoration. Click To Tweet

How it all began

This is the beginning of how Del~Lillian’s, as a Quilt Shop began.

On a warm summer day, I sat in my sewing room, spinning around on a twrily chair…
taking in all the piles of fabric.

Not enough of any fabric group to make a traditional style quilt.
But what if?

leftover fabrics are part of the Del~Lillian Off the Wall Quilt Magic
What if I used all these scraps, strips, and orphan blocks to create something…


This became a personal challenge to use up the leftover fabrics.
You can’t just toss them.
and if you don’t use ’em up they pile up…
If the pile up they cause clutter
If you have clutter you can’t create.

Using up the leftovers, making them into unique and useful items became the thrust of Del~Lillian’sContemporary, Modern, Fiber Art.

I call them "Off The Wall Quilts" because they are mini quilts That have a purpose other than being hung up for decoration.

The making of the “off the wall” abstract art quilt seems haphazard
and I am well aware there are quilters out there that don’t care for this style.
There is no precise piecing, only unbridled creativity.

Fabrics are auditioned before they become a permanent part of the piece…

But I don’t over analyze it.

Part of the joy of making an abstract art quilt is unleashing the creative side.

It makes you look at color, shape, and design, in a new and different way.


My Off the Wall Quilted style, has evolved into:

They process evolves every day and no two pieces are ever alike, one of the reasons I love creating my quirky Off The Wall Quilts!

The off the wall quilt style, also became fiber art for the wall!

And as for my personal challenge of using the scrap fabrics up?

I’ve learned since then that leftover, scrap fabrics have a secret life of their own . .

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A Del~Lillian Off The Wall Quilt Explained


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