What I Gained From an Unplugged Weekend

Let me ask you a couple of questions.

How Often do you “unPlug”?
How often do you take a break from Social Media, E-Mail, the Internet?

I confess I can be a bit…umm…addicted to all things techie!

I love working on my website, checking stats, and seeing what’s happening (or not happening on social media)

What I gained from a weekend unplugged
I tend to check email way to often.

It’s super easy to think you have to be “social”, “visible”, and “engaged” 24/7.
It’s also frustrating and impossible.

A couple of weeks ago I took a full weekend off from the internet.

I didn’t check email, social media, My Etsy Shop, no website tweaking, no nothing.

The only thing I allowed was Etsy Sale Notifications.

This is What I gained from unplugging

By Monday I felt refreshed and ready to get back into my routine.

I don’t take full weekends off that often.
I know I don’t take enough full day’s off.


I didn’t miss a ‘thang over that weekend instead I gained a bit more insight into our wired up world.

You NEED time away from it. Especially if your work or business is online.

My New Plan?

  • Shut it all down at 7 PM and read a novel.
  • As much as I Love reading personal development books – Night time, I’ve found isn’t a good time for me.

  • I check email once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
  • I check in on Social Media once or twice a day. Period.

It’s how I get other things done – like write a blog post or bake my breads!

The internet has its place and I am part of that world.

I have my website, Etsy Shop, Pattern Shop, and Affiliate partners.
All of it needing my attention.

Stepping away allows me to Quilt, Bake, and Create – 🙂 .

One last word on Unplugging: The best thing about it? You just might do something fun and different.

When’s the last time you really unplugged? Will you plan a day or two soon? Please share in the comments below.

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What i gained and you can too from an unplugged weekend


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4 replies to What I Gained From an Unplugged Weekend

  1. I definitely need to unplug more often – I know I feel better when I pull away from all the online activity and connect into doing other things. I think I will start scheduling a weekend a month and shorten my time spent on social media!

    • It is well worth the effort, even if for just a day.

  2. I enjoy unplugging once in a while also Adele. That doesn’t mean I stop quilting though LOL.

    • LOL Quilting is a good, it doesn’t pull you into a black hole like the Internet can! 🙂

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