Warning: Quilting. It’s A Risky Adventure

Quilting can be a risky adventure.

I know, You think I’m joking. But I’m not.

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We need to go back to my quilting journey. It began roughly 30 years ago.

In the beginning, I was just a little interested in quilting.

It SEAMED like a hobby that could be useful, safe, and totally harmless.

What I learned.

Quilting is useful. You can make a lot of cool stuff.

For instance; Cozy blankets, placemats, wall hangings

As for safe? LOL. My fingers would scream: “Danger, Danger!”
They’ve been poked by needles so many times I question my sanity!

Harmless? Not on your life.

If you’re not careful You will become a Quilt Addict!

It is a risky adventure

You. Won’t even know it’s happening.

It’s sleuth-like.

By the time you realize you’ve become a Quilt Addict.

it’s too late.

Stuff is gonna happen because of that First Quilt.

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My First Quilting Project was made with Half Square Triangle Blocks

When you make your first quilt, chances are you’ll feel such joy.

(especially when the darn thing is done 🙂 )

  1. You’ll have a bunch of leftover fabric, and because you don’t want to waste stuff. You’ll want to do something with them
  2. If it didn’t come out just right, You’ll want to perfect your technique
  3. People will ooh and aah over your masterpiece and beg you for a quilt. Of course, being the kind loving person you are, you’ll want to oblige, after all, it’s fun making things for family and friends. And a bonus for you. You get to work on your technique.

And now you’re on your way…Your Quilting…that Risky Adventure has Begun, There’s no stopping it.

Soon You’ll find the plastic container you’ve been using for fabric storage, ain’t big enough!

When people visit and ask to stay over…you’ll have to say no. ’cause the spare room has been taken over by
spools of thread, bins, and boxes of fabric, plastic rulers, scissors, needles, rotary cutters, and other sharp objects.
It just isn’t a safe place for the meek and timid.
Only for the courageous quilter.

So before you step into the adventure of quilting – keep in mind it’s risky business.

But…if you’re looking for a creative outlet that will

  • Challenge you
  • Make you a little crazy at times
  • Bring you pure joy and happiness
  • Learning to Quilt will deliver all this and more!

Adele Mogavero, Your Personal Home Stylist.

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