Decorating With Wall Galleries

When I was growing up people didn’t call their collections of art or photos, that happened to be hung on the wall,
“Wall Galleries”

I’m pretty sure that was reserved for museums…but I could be wrong.

Decorating With Wall Galleries #homedecor #wallart

What the Heck are Wall Galleries?

The Wall Gallery is probably saying

“I’m a well thought out collection of mementos, art, and photographs.
Not a bunch of stuff randomly hung up”

Well, that makes our wall gallery a little stuck up, doesn’t it?

I see a Wall as a blank canvas.

A place to display a collection of things that you love.
It’s Your blank Canvas

And it should give you comfort and joy when you walk through the doors, morning, noon or night.

I’m not here to tell you what to hang on your walls, give you rules or anything like that.

But if you happen to be looking for some inspiration and direction, I hope this series of blog posts will lend a helping hand.

Finding the perfect balance for your walls

I look back at pictures of my first house…
The walls were busy, to put it midly.

In my defense…
It was the “in thing” to sponge paint walls. đŸ™‚

And I was passionate about my morning glories.

They were all over my kitchen wall.
Add to the chaos, wall decor, and kids artwork.

And when Christmas came around…it was the traditional holiday decor on top of it all. Yikes!

There was no naked wall syndrome happening in that house!

That was Then, This Is Now

It’s taken me at least 3 years to even begin to hang things on the wall in our new home.
I still have many a wall begging for a little love and attention.

  • I don’t want just any old thing hung up.
  • And I don’t want a cluttered look either.

While I’m finding the balance on my walls…

I’ll share with you
ways to add texture, fun, your personality, and even seasonal decor to your wall decor.

Simply and easily.

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