Make it a Wall Art Gallery or Leave It Naked?

Creating a Wall Art Gallery or Leave the Wall Naked?

That’s the question I’m facing with a few of my walls.

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Both options are simply beautiful.

I began this journey or series of posts about decorating your walls when I decided four of my walls were in need of a “tune-up.”

The Wall Art Gallery VS. The Naked Wall

At the time of this post, I am still working on my first wall art Gallery.

The other three walls? They’re completely Naked.

I’m liking the simplicity of those bare walls.

And haven’t made a decision what (if anything) will be hung on them

On the other hand, my Photo Gallery with seasonal quilted wall art is coming along nicely!

If you follow me on Facebook or get my e-letter, you’ve seen a few of those colorful blooming mini quilts In the making 😉

When this project began, I thought, it was going to be a simple process.
Move the photos here, the mini quilt gallery there etc.

But that’s not exactly what happened.

The Photo Gallery Wall

The photo gallery was in our hallway. Although there is enough light to see the pictures, I don’t recall anyone every just stopping to look at them.

I guess that’s okay, but I felt like these photos needed to be someplace where they could really be appreciated.

Before I even hung anything back up, I sat down and sketched out a plan on graph paper.

Yeah, I got that “obsessed” with getting it perfect.

BTW…It isn’t coming out like I planned, – just so you know, sometimes plans need to be changed as you go along.

Then I created the Mock Wall gallery, a mix of beautiful paper and paper bags.

mock photo gallery wall

Things I discovered in the process

  • Know the OUTSIDE size of the frame you’ll be hanging.
  • I made the mistake at first of creating my paper draft using picture dimensions.

  • Keep in mind the outside dimension of a frame that holds a standard size picture can vary in size.
  • Buy your frames first.
  • I decided I wanted to get a photo collage frame – Of course, this was after I had started hanging photos . If I didn’t want to move anythibg around I needed an oddball size.
    I soon discovered that it is difficult and sometimes costly to get oddball sizes.
    I wish I had picked out the collage frames before I began.

Piece by piece I’ve been hanging up the photos and summer fun quilts to add color.

The cool thing about these quilts is they can stay there all year if I want.
Allowing me to enjoy the floral blooms

floral Bloom Designer Collection on quilts

or I can replace them with something new.

And of course, that’s what I’ll be doing.

In fact, you’ll be seeing a preview of the fall collection of home decor by summer’s end

But for now, I invite you to take a look at our Designer collections made to brighten your walls and home.

As for my other walls?
I’m still deciding. Wall Galleries? Or Naked?

They are both, Simply Beautiful

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