Let’s Turn That “Quilt Lemon” into Lemonade

Once in a while a quilting project ends up being a Lemon
When that happens, what do you do? Well you could just toss it or…
you could turn that Lemon into Lemonade.

Turn that Quilt Lemon into Lemonade

Yeah, I know and overused cliche…but it works.

If you don’t do something with it, the quilt lemon,
it ends up hanging around turning into a UFO.
The UFO will clutter up your work space.
The cluttered works space also blocks your creativity
We don’t want that.

So let’s turn that Lemon of a project into something useful

My quilt lemon was intended to be a wall hanging.

TIps and Tricks to turn your quilt lemon into lemonade
I think it helps if you dislike the way a project was coming out, it makes it easier to cut it up into smaller pieces.

You can turn your quilt lemon into a lot of smaller things like:

  • Placemats
  • Baby Bibs
  • Mug Rugs
  • Hand bags
  • Wine Totes
  • Mouse Pads

I decided this abstract wall hanging would make perfect quilted mouse pads.

Surprisingly enough quilted mouse pads work well and they add a nice homespun flair the office space.

UFO Project from Del~Lillian's

The trick is letting go of what you were making
find the best parts of the piece to create something new and useful.

It may take a bit of cutting and some creative slicing and sewing; this is a perfect time to create a little magic.

Quited Mouse Pads, turning a Quilt Lemon into lemonade

I ended up with four mouse pads, 3 of which are in the shop.

The fourth mouse pad I used as a practice piece for bindings.

I am still working on improving that technique! 🙂

What about you? Which Quilt Lemon are you going to tun into Lemonade?

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Turn that Quilt Lemon Into Lemonade, before it becomes a UFO cluttering up your creative workspace


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