Adding Texture To Your Art Purse With Quilting

Today let’s add texture to your art purse with quilting.
It’s just fabric with some appliques, which can be nice too, but you add the quilting – now that’s the icing on top of the cake!

Materials needed for this step
Your choice of Quilting threads, Backing, Batting, a new machine quilting needle.

It’s Time to Give that Art Purse texture with Quilting

Adding the quilting gives the fabric for the art purse depth and texture
You have a couple of options:

  1. Quilt the entire piece and then cut the purse pieces.
  2. Cut the general size of the purse pieces – layer and quilt

Today we’ll focus on the first option.

I like this method because it’s easier to quilt the piece as a whole instead of the smaller sizes you’d cut for the purse.

The Products I Use

  • Batting: Dream Cotton Select Batting
  • Backing a natural 100% cotton muslin. It will be covered by the lining.
  • Schmetz Machine Quilting Needle size 11
    • Threads: For this project I used a variegated thread from Coats and Clark. Size #50, mercerized cotton.

Get it ready for Quilting

  • Layer the backing wrong side up, batting, and art purse fabric right side up.
  • Baste the layers together using your favorite basting technique
  • The piece should be small enough that pin basting will keep it in place.

    I’ve also found that for smaller pieces just ironing the quilt sandwich together holds it in place for quilting. This is how I do all of my placemats

Now let’s talk about the quilting needle!

When is the last time you changed it? If you don’t remember put a new one in! I usually use Schmetz 11 to do my quilting.

I sometimes run into issues quilting over the appliques when I use fusible webbing.
*I’ve written to Schmetz and they recommend a chrome microtex needle for machine applique. – I am still in the process of trying them for my appliqué and hope this solves the issues I have had. Schmetz also makes Chrome Quilting needles. If the chrome microtex performs like I hope they do, you can bet the quilting needles will be a staple on my supply shelf!

Now go ahead and quilt that fabric!…Next time we’ll be cutting the pieces to begin assembly.

Happy purse making!

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Adding the quilting to your art purse is what will give it the depth and texture.   Before it's quilted it is pretty, but the quilting - that's the icing on the cake!


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