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Hi There, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to know each other 🙂

I’m Adele of Del~Lillian’s…

Adele Mogavero ~ Del~Lillian’s is a dedicated to Quilting, Baking, and creating a beautiful life.

You’ll love hanging out with me if you enjoy doing things around the house, making it a beautiful special place, and you’re a creative person.

A Brief time line of my journey

Let’s start at the beginning, because that’s a very good place to start!

  • I was given my first sewing machine at the age of 12.
  • I learned to crochet from my Nana and bake from my mom.
  • I learned to quilt as an adult, with magazines and books as my teachers.

1988 – 2000

I was a Craft Designer

  • I designed projects for hobby and craft magazines. Most of my work was Plastic Canvas and Crochet designs.
    (Crafts, Crafts ‘n Things, Plastic Canvas World, Annie’s Pattern Club, to name a few)
  • This is also when I began developing a love for quilts and quilting.


  • My first Quilt design is published in Quick Quilts by Oxmoor House

2000 – 2010

  • I took a break from craft designing and worked as a church secretary/bookkeeper


  • Del~Lillian’s is born as: Del~Lillian’s Kitchen.  This endeavor consisted of baking bread for a few friends and family.
  • Del~Lillian’s Kitchen lasted for a just a blip, but Del~Lillian’s remained as a website to inspire creativity
  • “Inspired to create ~ Creating to Inspire”



  • My Pattern Shop on Craftsy is open
  • The Website Del-Lillian’s Handcrafted Creations is created.


  • During the short time I was a BeachBody Coach, I created
    The website soon became focused on Quilting, Sewing, and Baking.
  • DelLillian’s HandCrafted Creations became Del~Lillian’s, the website with the same name is eliminated


  • I am an Island Batik Ambassador.


  • I am a quilter, designer and blogger of all things creative.

My mission is to share my love of creating in a way that will inspire any creative entrepreneur.

Of course this is a snap shot of my journey, there have been twists and turns, learning and logo changes along the way, but through it all Quilting and Baking have been the mainstays of my work.

My mission has always been to inspire others in their creative endeavors.

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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