Review of A Sourdough Cookbook and My Thoughts

In January I began reviewing Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and Moreby Sarah Ownens.
Sourdough Cookbook Review
I had big plans of baking different recipes from the book throughout the year.
Change of plans!

Instead I’m going to give you my top three takeaways from this book.

These are the recipes I tried from Sara’s Sourdough Cookbook

Pane di Farro
Cornbread thing
Banana Marble Cake
Honey Spelt Bread and Lumberjane Loaf, a delicious loaf with all sorts of nuts, seeds and fruits.

LumberJane Loaf - a sourdough bread with lots of nuts and seeds
Mixing in the Nuts, Fruits, and seeds for the Lumberjane Loaf

My Top Three Things I learned and loved about this book

  1. There Are Plenty of recipes to stretch your thinking. Sour
    Dough isn’t just for bread!
    sliced roasted Banana Marble Cake
    Roasted Banana Marble
  2. I learned a new and interesting way to make a sourdough

    SourDough Starter
  3. Part one of the Book is a wonderful resource, with kitchen
    notes, stocking the pantry and a sourdough primer

I only had one pet peeve and that was having to flip back to the beginning of the book for baking directions for the breads. It’s a small thing, but it bugged me. That’s just me.

Whether you end up loving a new cookbook or not, my feeling is you will learn something from it.
and that’s always a good thing.

It’s worth a read and worth a try. You just might find a recipe that will become a family tradition.
We loved the Honey Spelt Bread and Pane di Farro, in fact the only recipe I wasn’t “in love” with was the Root Casserole…which isn’t bread 🙂

Flipping through the pages is a source of inspiration. It makes me want to bake some sourdough bread. I just might need to make some of those buttermilk biscuits or a Strawberry Coffee Cake!
Give it a try if you’re looking for adventure in your sourdough baking

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I've been reviewing Sara Owens Sourdough Cookbook over the past few months, trying the different recipes and methods.  This post wraps it up with what I learned and loved about her book


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