Use Shelves To Decorate the Wall

I’m not totally into open shelves, but sometimes they can work wonders for a small home office.

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With a few shelves, you can

  • Free up desk space
  • Add wall decor that’s pretty and useful
  • Have your favorite mementos and things to enjoy while working

They do have a downside.

Like I said…typically I’m not overly crazy about the open shelves

  • They tend to get…messy.
  • A flat surface will get covered with junk sooner or later

But if you’re limited on space or have a small desk like I do

This is a perfect solution!.

Home decorating tips, Shelves, Mini Quilts,  Home Decor, Wall Art, Modern Art, Wall Hangings, Decorating Ideas,  gift ideas, #homedecor #wallart #galleryart #wallgalleryideas #decoratingideas #quiltedWallArt

Shelves create space for fun and interesting wall decor.

If your gonna sit at a desk it might as well have stuff you enjoy.


With a few purchases and things I had on hand I created my space

  • The narrow shelves are perfect for little trinkets, office necessities, and even a few books.
    • Colorful Coffee Cups are perfect for my pens and pencils
    • squatty mason jars are perfect for odds and ends like paper clips.
  • The small bulletin board, I made years ago in during my tole painting days – perfect for just what you’d use a bulletin board for 🙂
  • A whiteboard to keep me on task…
  • I found some things that have sentimental value,
    • the box hanging on the wall, it’s just right to keep note cards on hand.
    • The rope with flexible people on each end is hung between the top bracket

      – it’s a toy one of my kids had when they were little – perfect for hanging photos and things, you could use ribbon, yarn, rope, twine…whatever you like

This is what I love about it

  • I created it with things I had on hand and a few small purchases
  • It was an inexpensive way to create a small but mighty work area.
  • The best thing? It was a fun area to decorate – and it’ a great place to work.

The shelves anchored the space, while creating a nice display area.

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