Sewing and Quilting Tools You Don’t Need

A few weeks ago I shared a few kitchen gadgets that I didn’t find all that useful. Today I want to talk about some sewing and quilting tools that I didn’t find helpful.

Sewing and Quilting Tools You Don’t Need

Do you have any?

Sewing And Quilting Tools you don't need
I actually had to rack my brain.

Not sure why, maybe it’s because my quilting studio is a bit of a mess these days – so the tools I don’t use are in a box someplace.

But the more I thought on it…yup there are a few.

Now some of these, just like the cooking tools, might be something you find indispensable – but I found frustrating to use or it just plain didn’t work.

  1. The Clover Yo-yo maker.
  2. At first glance, I thought this tool was Awesome!
    But the more I used it, I found it was totally obnoxious.
    yo yo maker, quilting tools you don't need
    The exception might be the ones that make shapes like butterflies.
    Yo-yos are easy to make and you don’t need a tool!

  3. Triangle shaped rulers
  4. I bought it to make perfect triangles. But never really liked cutting triangles out that way.
    I found better ways to make and create triangle units that work for me.

  5. The ruler to make Circles with the small rotary cutter
  6. circle maker
    It just didn’t work well.
    Now my new one? It’s perfect.

  7. Quilt Clips to keep your quilts rolled up and out-of-the-way while machine sewing.
  8. I think I used these quilt clips once and found they hindered my natural flow of machine quilting rather than helped it.
    I bought these when I was quilting a queen size quilt on my home sewing machine.
    I thought it would help keep things tidy and neat.
    It just hindered my natural machine quilting flow.

  9. The hand quilting stand.
  10. This was going to make hand quilting so much easier. I tried it once or twice, but ended up going back to my normal lap quilting technique.

  11. Gadgets for perfect 1/4″ seams

  12. I’ve tried many but…
    The only thing that I found to work? My 1/4″ piecing foot, going slow and steady, and my stiletto to keep the fabric in place as it goes under the foot.

It’s not an extensive list . I think it’s all a matter of preference.

These are just my personal observations – not all quilting tools are equal.

And you don’t need every new tool that comes out to make awesome beautiful quilts.

What tools have you bought recently that you didn’t find as helpful as you thought?
Oh, and if you have tips or suggestions for using one of those triangle ruler things, I’m all ears 🙂

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Some Sewing And Quilting Tools That I've tried and didn't find helpful.


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