Quilts are The FLUFF of Life

I am a quilter, my business is designing quilts, selling my finished works and patterns.

Quilts are the Fluff of Life
Sometimes it’s a grind.

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Because it can be a grind, I often seek motivation and positive messaging to get me through those days.

On one of those occasions I came across this quote by Mike Rodriquez in Success Magazine recently

“When you can say I’m Passionate about it, I’m good at it and there’s a need for it…then in the middle lies your purposes” Mike Rodriguez (founder of Mike Rodriguez international, a leadership and sales training company).

I decided to put it to the test

Am I passionate about Quilting?

Well, I am, as long as you don’t count those tedious steps

  • layering the quilt sandwich
  • basting
  • binding

I will procrastinate until the cows come home to get those things done.

Quilts are the Fluff of Life
An unfinished project still waiting in the wings to be a real quilt!

When I asked myself that question. Am I passionate about quilting?
I didn’t feel like I could jump up and say “oh my gosh yes!!!”

…I often feel like a quilter fraud, especially when I see my fellow quilting buddies who seem VERY excited all the time about their craft.

While I’m sitting at home procrastinating about quilting.

In fact, there are times I’d rather mow the lawn or clean the house than quilt.

Are You Good At Quilting?

I can confidently say I am good at quilting, designing, and playing with fabric.
I’m not boasting or bragging.
It has taken me years to learn and fine tune my craft.

And I continue to learn new things and improve upon my skills.

I can offer you this piece of advice: Every time you pick up a book, take a class, do a pattern over again, or try a new one, you will learn something. You will improve your skills.

Is there a need for Quilts.

That’s the stickler…That’s really what it’s all about.
It isn’t enough to be good at something or passionate about it, there really has to be a need for it.

I know this might upset some people, but let’s face it there isn’t any NEED for a quilted table topper, runner, place mat or wall hanging.

It’s Fluff.

The only quilt needed is

  • The one that is going to keep you warm on a cold dreary night.
  • The one that will comfort you or your child.
  • Quilts are the Fluff of Life
    One of the first quilts I made for my son. It is tattered and torn from a child’s love.
  • The one that your kids will drag around because it makes them feel safe.

Those are the quilts that are NEEDED.

But let’s be honest here, that need can be covered with a simple, less expensive, blanket too.

So back to the Quilts.
What’s an avid quilter to do?
Especially one who is doing this for a business? And when working on those tasks that aren’t loved, the question about passion rears its ugly head?

I happen to listen to Darren Hardy every morning.
He reminds me often that Passion isn’t enough to run a business, sure you have to love what you do, but there will be A LOT of times your going to hate what you’re doing too. (layering, basting, and binding) So I always keep that in mind…

The payoff of doing the grueling detested part of the job, is the wow when it’s finished.

Honestly, if I could hire out the stuff I’m not crazy about doing, I would, but for now I do the stuff that I don’t love to do, because the end result is beautiful fluff!

Quilts are the Fluff Of Life
Art Quilt, Original Design

But what about the need?

So It’s Fluff- Quilts are the Fluff of life.


They are needed, as much as

  • That oil painting hanging over your living room sofa,
  • The new stereo system with all the bells and whistles when the old one worked just fine,
  • The new set of dinner plates, because your having special company and want to make an impression.
  • Well, you get the picture!

Quilts and quilted items add color, warmth, and comfort to your home.
They’ll make your home shine with love.

Quilts may be the Fluff of Life – but Every Life Needs a Little Fluff!
It also happens to be fluff that I love 🙂

And in the end? Quilts and quilted items are indeed, in need!

Quilts are the Fluff of Life
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Quilts are the Fluff of life, and everyone needs a little fluff in their life. :)


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  1. great post, you need a long arm, then you can cross off two of your least favorite items 🙂
    well loading a quilt is not my favorite either but it doesn’t take long at all.

    • Bea a long arm is on my wish list. Some day 🙂

      thanks for stopping by and reading.

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