If Quilting makes you Happy, Why Do You Need Shortcuts?

Quilters and Shortcuts

One morning I was quilting; doing a quick piecing method for a Log Cabin Block.

It got me to thinking a lot about Shortcuts and Time-Saving Techniques for quilting, hobbies, and life in general.

To be honest, I don’t think chain piecing a log cabin block is really any quicker.

But that’s beside the point!

It made me ponder this question.
If Quilting is so much fun, Why do you need shortcuts?
If this is supposed to be fun and make me happy,; why the need for all these “Shortcuts?”

Why do people look for quicker ways to do a hobby or craft.

It reminded me of when I had a job that was about 25 minutes away.

There were several different ways I could get there and I timed all of them, one way saved me 2 minutes.

So I figured it out. Gosh, 2 minutes each way would save me 4 minutes a day.

Wow in one week I’d save 20 minutes!

awesome…But wait 🙂

It’s not like those saved minutes can be stored up to use at the end of the week!

I stopped worrying about saving time, enjoyed it for what it was, a beautiful drive into work!

Back to Quilting and shortcuts

Why all the emphasis on speed?

Shortcuts, quick and easy methods?

Of course there are good reasons for shortcuts.

I won’t dispute that fact.

As my husband pointed out the sewing machine is a time-saving device, which would make it a “Shortcut”.

I can’t imagine hand piecing a quilt (although I would like to take a “stab” at it one day 🙂 )

The Techniques that save time and also improve accuracy are awesome.

I’d never go back to tracing around block templates and cutting units out one at a time unless of course, it makes a more accurate block.

Thank goodness for rotary cutters and rulers.

I have my favorite “shortcut” methods, so I’m not telling you to ditch ’em all.

I’m not that much of a purist and love my sewing machine.
Love machine quilting.
and have fallen in love with a variety of tools that do make tasks quicker, easier, and more importantly improve my overall accuracy.

I do think that the emphasis on shortcuts, quick and easy piecing, hurry it up, get it done in a weekend, implies you don’t have “time” to quilt.

It makes you feel rushed, even if you do have plenty of time.

When you start thinking you don’t have time:

  • You start believing it
  • You start rushing
  • You stop enjoying

My humble quilting advice today.

Take a breath.
Embrace the time you spend with theose gorgeous fabrics, you have loving bought and cut.
Take your time.

Enjoy the process.

Quilt with joy.
find quilting tools that make your Quilting experience more enjoyable.

Quilting does take time and effort. Even with shortcuts.

I get it, we’re all short on time – And you probably have a zillion quilts you’d LOVE to make.

I Do – I couldn’t possibly make all the quilts in 5 life times that I’d love to make.

But rushing them? No. It makes the process feel like work.

And although – technically it is what I do for a living – I want to enjoy that process.

I want every quilt to have magic and wonder.

So, If you enjoy quilting, why do you need Shortcuts?

Adele, Creative Domestic Engineer

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So if you love quilting, why do you need to all those shortcuts?


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3 replies to If Quilting makes you Happy, Why Do You Need Shortcuts?

  1. I too believe that taking your time to make a quilt lets you have more time to enjoy the process, most of the time I make a block at a time instead of chain piecing, I am a scrap quilter and often when I’ve made a block and iron it out i just sit and look at it, it makes me happy to see what the fabrics look like together.

    • Debra, Thanks for stopping by and sharing! It is wonderful to see how fabrics “play” together isn’t it? And a block can look so different with different shades, tones, colors and designs. It’s what makes quilting such a beautiful – Creative and inspired – journey!

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