2016: A Super year of Quilting, Baking and Creating

Quilting, Baking, Creating – A Year in Review

Where did the year go?

Looking back over the year, for me it was a flurry of quilting, baking and of course creating 🙂
Although I felt like I didn’t get anything done, after looking back over the year I was surprised to see how much I actually accomplished.

2016 a year in review quilting baking and creating

Instead of focusing on the projects I didn’t complete, I decided to look at my accomplishments.

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  • I started the year as A team Beachbody Coach, some ventures aren’t meant to be. The positive side to this is the experience. It was well worth the roller coaster ride…
  • I published a whopping 67 blog posts! An average of 1.28 blog posts per week – That’s a lot of projects, photos, and writing.
  • I made over 28 quilts and quilted projects from mug mats to large sampler quilts.
  • I had opportunites to try all sorts of new quilting tools and gadgets
  • I discovered and tried out tools to use for my business
  • My Shop reached an all time high in sales and inventory.

I only hope that through it all, my quilting, my baking, my creating that I have inspired or encouraged you to follow your dreams.

My website “Quilt~Bake~Create” will continue with sharing my quilting experiences

and my baking adventures.

It is the CREATE part that I will be focusing on in the upcoming year

 Creating a life that is has balance and harmony.

Creating a space that is a joy to work in or come home to.

Creating a life that isn’t full of overwhelm and long to do lists.

I hope you will you stick around for the year ahead to explore ways to organize, simplify, and live out your dreams.

Happy New Year!

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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2016 a year of quilting, baking, and creating


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  1. Great recap of the year – you have done quite a bit in this time DEl. This page is very colorful and filled with wonderful ideas!

    • Thanks Leo. I appreciate your support!

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