Quilt Shops and Wineries, it’s a Beautiful Life

My husband and I have talked about growing grapes to make wine…not that we have the space to grow a lot, but it sounds like a fun little hobby for someday.

With that thought in mind, we ventured out this week to visit a couple of New England Wineries.

quiltshops and wineries blog
One happened to be in Meredith NH, and as a quilter, you just can’t go the Meredith NH without taking a drive to Center Harbor and visiting Keepsake quilting.
Keepsake Quilting
That’s when I came up with this splendid thought for our Vacation.

If there is one winery (or brewery) near one quilt shop…might there be others combinations like this?

I discovered indeed there was. Now this will be exciting!

Our first destination fell through when we discovered that the quilt shop (Quilted Threads) sadly was not open on Monday and the brewery we had selected (Henniker brewing Company) only did tours on the weekend 🙁

But that did not discourage me, because our Meredith trip was solidly planned.
On Tuesday we were off to Meredith where we visited Hermit Woods Winery. They make wines from locally sourced fruits.

winery in Meredith NH
Hermit Woods Winery

Our wines are: local (as much as possible), vegan (except the honey wines), gluten free, raw, not certified but mostly organic to Best Management Practices (BMP) orchards, backyard, and wild foraged fruit, always whole fruit, never heat processed, gentle hand processed, made with minimal to no chemical adjustments/additions, balanced, nutritious … and very tasty. “From Hermit Woods Winery Website”

I happen to like Dry Reds – Merlot, Chianti, Malbec, that sort of thing…so I walked in interested, but very skeptical that they could honestly deliver a wine I’d like.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a wine that was quite appealing! We selected a bottle of Petite Blue and perhaps we may at some point try the Sparkling Harvest Apple.
winery tour
The Second part of this little venture of course was a Quilt Shop! Keepsake Quilting is just minutes away. (It was truly perfect!) Did you know they have 1600 bolts of fabric? No wonder I am always overwhelmed when I go.

I love going there when I am in the area, but I do have a super hard time picking out fabrics! So many to choose from, so little time (and money!) But I did get a few nice picks…
Fabric from Keepsake Quilting

Did I mention food, well you know you have to eat while you take a day trip Right?

And it was probably a good idea to eat something before doing wine tasting at the winery!

We didn’t plan where to eat, we just left it up to fate…kismet

Our first plan was to eat before we arrived in Meredith. But as fate would have its way, we were right smack dab in Meredith by the time we had selected a Pub called Frog Rock Tavern.

Which, we found out was right across the street from Hermit Woods Winery. Now that was truly Kismet at work!!!

Again, being the skeptic that I can be…I looked at the place and wondered, was this a good choice?
Frog Rock Tavern inside decor
It was! It was super friendly, the atmosphere casual and comfortable, and the food…well it was awesome…

Overall it was an awesome day of discovery and fun!

Sculpture in Meredith NH
Part of the Sculpture walk in Meredith

Next time I’ll share our second wine and quilt trip.

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