Quilt Care

Quilt Care for a Del~Lillian’s Art Quilt

Modern Style Art Deco Quilted Wall Hanging
Modern Style Art Deco Quilted Wall Hanging

As well as serving a purpose; they are a piece of art and should be taken care of with love and respect.

The following are the steps I take in preparation for making a quilt.

  1. Before I begin making a quilt I pre-wash the fabric in hot water, with a mild detergent.
    • To prevent the dyes in the fabric from running later
    • To prevents shrinkage after the quilt is complete
    • To removes any chemicals that are in the fabric
  2. When I have completed one of my quilts many are washed and dried by machine.
    This gives my modern styled quilts a nice classic touch.

Although I do initially, wash my quilts in a washing machine and dry them in a dryer, I do not recommend doing this often. Especially for hand appliqued quilts. (Or any other hand appliqued quilt or a quilt that is hand quilted)

The exception to this rule, are my Off the Wall Quilted PlaceMats and Handbags, which are designed and constructed to withstand repeated washings.

Del~Lillian Art Quilts may be hand or machine washed and dried.

But for any quilt, less washing is best. Between cleanings air your quilt outside or place in the dryer on the air only cycle (no heat) to freshen.

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