1. Sadly, this is often the case just based on how men treated women in general long before woman even in the career field was widely accepted. This is a beautiful piece and represents the idea of the composer well. You have truly captured the feeling of beauty that the composer creates in their music.

  2. inquiringquilter

    This piece is sublime! I love how it captures both the movement of the music but also it’s dynamic strength. Your fabric choices invite the viewer to look closer. Wonderful!

  3. Wow! The piece look stunning and thank you so much for sharing your talent (both quilting and musical) with us! I studied piano for about 10 years and I have never heard about women composers, the same way that while studying visual art history I have never heard of women arstist: this is why I run this blog hop! To open our minds and our hearts to all those talented people that didn’t receive much credit for what they did. Thanks again for being part of the blog hop and for interpreting such an interesting piece!!

    • Alida, Thank you for including me in the blog hop. It was a joy to be able to incorporate my passion for piano in a quilt presentation!

  4. Hi Adele, thanks so much for introducing me to Celine Chaminade. It’s true that we don’t hear of many women composers, and we are the poorer for it. I think that your quilt is a great tribute to the women composers. Your video is a great idea. It’s wonderful when our passions can come together!

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