Quality, Quantity, Consistency, A Social Media Challenge

To Post or Not to Post…That is the question.

We all here it from the Social Media Guru’s – your must have posts that are of good quality, add value, teach or entertain and you must be consistent…That is where the Challenge and perhaps the nightmare of Social Media Begins….
Quality, Quantity, Consistency - It's a Social Media Challenge solopreneurs
What if today you have absolutely nothing to share…

nothing that is entertaining

or adds value?

What if you are left wondering if there is anything left to share with your followers.

Believing that you alone are going to come up with fascinating stuff 24/7 is probably insane.

It is Overwhelming…

When I hit it, the overwhelm, my posts show it.

They are lacking in everything.

  • luster
  • creativity
  • usefulness

The quandary of the post

Is it better to not post when you’re in that place?

Or do you post anyway for the sake of consistency?

Is it worth sacrificing quality posts for consistent?

I think not – yet I’ve done it for fear of being forgotten about.

I’ve found posting random links, even motivational messages just for the sake of posting on social media doesn’t win me any points with my followers. If fact sometimes it hurts more than not posting at all!
Social Media does have it's perks - we can reach hundreds or thousands of people with a simple blurb...
Social Media has its perks - we can reach hundreds if not thousands of people with a blurb. Click To Tweet

But it has its disadvantages too – people, the very people who we want to reach – are saturated with streams of information, offers, gimmicks, sales, and useless information.

There are as many points of view on this subject as there are social media gurus!

I have no answer to the quandary to post or not to post.

I just know. Today I have nothing to post.

I could Market the heck out of my shop for the next month….

But that would make me too salesy.

I could show you, yet again, the scraps, bits and pieces, of a project that I’m working on.

I could share the latest quilting tool, baking tool, creative idea, business apps, or piece of music I’m working on.

But will any of that entertain you? Help you?

Please Do tell…What are the things you like to read on Social Media
What catches your attention. A story, A Picture, Recipes?
Please do comment below, I do want to hear!

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A Solopreneurs Challenge, quality, quantity, consistency of social media posts.


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