Planned Vs. Unplanned, which is better?

Planned or unplanned, there’s a good chance you’ll love it anyway.

I’m talking about your wall decor here.

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I’ve created wall galleries that were unplanned.
Off the cuff.
It was an easy way to hang things up.

And for the most part, worked pretty darn good.


This time around

I decided to create a plan before I started hanging everything up.

I started with graph paper.

Next – hanging “mock” photos/art on the wall.

In fact, at the time of this writing, that wall is still being created.

So you’ll see this wall unfold during this series of posts.

The wall galleries I’m showing you today were not overly planned out.
The second example was done as random as you can get!

First my library wall, It wasn’t planned, but somewhat thought out

I knew I wanted to hang the game board.
And that’s where I began.

Smack in the center and I worked out from there.
Wall Art Gallery Ideas
I rummaged through our boxes of stuff.
And picked out things that ‘spoke’ to me.

It could still use a few little doodads, but the bottom line is.
I’m happy with it.

Now for my totally crazy fun wall, very unplanned

But I love it because it makes me smile.

This is in an unfinished basement.

I wanted it to have a fun, quirky, bring back memories vibe.
#walldeocr #funwalls
And that it does. It’s full of random things that I quickly hung up on an unpainted wall.

I like it, you may not. And that’s okay!

The bottom line when decorating.

Almost anything can be hung on a wall.
Obviously, some things work better than others.
Some things (like a toilet bowl seat) might be a bit cheesy.

If you don’t love it . . . Don’t hang it.

It’s your space and it’s gotta make you filled with joy when you’re looking at it.

Whether you take time to meticulously plan out an art gallery wall

Randomly hang things like I did in our unfinished basement.

If you love the stuff and it gives you the right vibe,

You’ll probably love the outcome.


You know. If a month down the road, it isn’t working for you?

Walls are so easy to change up.

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