The Need For Patience in the Creative Process

Patience sometimes you got it, and sometimes you don’t!

There are times when people see my creative projects and exclaim: You’re SO patient!!
Having patience and accepting that some projects will take lots of time to finish is part of the creative journey
I try not to laugh, but really? I guess they’ve never seen me waiting for a cup coffee from my Keurig machine – I mean when you want your coffee waiting a minute can feel like an eternity! And what about waiting for a website to download? Or getting an answer to that email I sent 5 minutes ago? Nope, you’re not going to find my photo next to the word patience in the dictionary.

Patience is something I struggle with.

I have zillions of ideas running around in my head, and honestly, I want them all done – Yesterday 🙂

One of the definitions of patience is: Quiet Steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.

I suppose one could say at times I have patience. I have shown a “steady perseverance and diligence” to some of my projects. (The others are tucked away – the infamous UFO’s)

I did, after all, spend several years appliquéing 3000 tiny pieces to the border of my 10-year quilt, followed by years of hand quilting.

Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted, this quilt was a labor of love. It isn't perfect - but perfection is over rated.
The 10 Year Quilt

This quilt become a thorn in my side and the fact that it was finally completed, wasn’t just diligence, it was guilt driven.

I expected it to be done in a year, but several years later it was still unfinished, which made it difficult to start new projects with a feeling of creative freedom. I had hundreds of dollars invested in it, not to mention years of work – all of these were great motivators to – patiently continue working on this project.

My 10-year quilt came with many interruptions, long breaks, boredom, times of feeling overwhelmed, and moments when the enthusiasm to get it done waned.

So what’s a creative soul to do when in the midst of a project, when your patience wearing thin, and the excitement has dwindled?

What are your choices?
You could give up on the project or just keep plugging along.

I stumbled upon this site “Essential Life Skills” It explains the benefits of patience and gives you some ideas on how to develop patience.

For example: Make patience your goal for the day.

Patience is needed during the creative process.

It takes time to create that wonderful new piece of art, or write that story, compose that piece of music.
It takes patience to steadily work on a large project
It takes patience to steadily work on a large project.
Patiently enjoying the journey is part of the process and the fun. Click To Tweet
Until next time, Live in the moment, enjoy life, and practice developing patience.

PS. I’m glad I didn’t give up on the 10-year quilt:)

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Having patience and accepting that some projects will take lots of time to finish is part of the creative journey


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