Quilting Fun with Paper Piecing

Playful Paper Piecing

Playing with fabric while paper piecing

my interpretation of the Island Batik Theme “Playful Paper Piecing”

This is what I cooked up for you 🙂

Fun with Paper Piecing - Inspiration

The Ingredients

  • Fabric – Island Batik Sea Salt Sandy
  • The fabrics in Island Batik’s Sea Salt Sandy collection range from soft pastels, to lively and bright, with a mix of nature. The patterns are speckled and spotted with an array of colors including little flecks of gold. They are the perfect backdrop to the Superior line of Fantastico Threads.

  • Batting – Quilter’s Dream Batting
  • Thread – Superior Threads Fantastico
    Bottom Line Polyester Thread

Quilting Needles

  • Size 14 for paper piecing
  • Size 11 for quilt assembly, machine quilting, attaching binding
  • Foundation Paper
  • Add a Quarter Ruler
  • Quilt Design is an original design and is lined for publication this year
  • paper Pieced Star Burst border added
    Border added to center

    Paper Piecing – My Experience

    The first time I tried paper piecing, I was more than just a little frustrated with the process. I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

    So I gave up.

    Tried it again, thought it to be too tedious. The project sat in a box for a year or so.

    Opportunity Knocks

    The opportunity came about to take a complimentary class when I became a Craftsy Affiliate.

    I picked Carol Doak’s Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing Craftsy class.

    Paper Pieced Star
    Center of the Paper Pieced Quilt

    Since then I have become a bit of a fan, although it isn’t something I do every day.

    There are still times I have to ask, how do you do that again?. (The classes on Craftsy are like a reference library you can always go back and listen and learn again.)

    I’ve used that feature more then once doing paper piecing!

    Paper Pieced Border blocks trimmed
    Borders trimmed up

    Even with a couple of projects under my belt, I still mess up on cutting pieces. Like here.

    Paper Pieced boo boo
    A slight miscalculation when cutting fabric strips

    Fortunately this mishap was small enough and in the seam so it wasn’t a problem.
    But what if it’s a total wash? Should you just toss it?


    This is from a project I was working on a year ago. I didn’t cut my fabric large enough to cover the entire section. I was going to just throw them out.

    But if they are cut down they can be used for coasters, book marks, or even corner blocks for another quilt. There are always useful things that can be down with the castaways 🙂

    Paper Piecing at first glance may seem confusing and even look as if it would be super time consuming. But give it a try. You’ll find that it goes fairly quickly and is quite simple, once you get the hang of it 🙂

    Paper Pieced StarBurst Quilt
    The Finished Star Burst Quilt.

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    Learn Paper Piecing from Carol Doak on Craftsy .

    More Paper Piecing Fun from the Island Batik Ambassadors


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