The Incredible Edible Mini Pumpkin

the Incredible edible Mini Pumpkin

I love these little gems, my mini incredible edible pumpkins. They are cute, decorative and well Edible too! What’s not to love? I thought they could only be used as decorations when I found out you could actually eat them too, I was very excited. The Incredible Edible Mini Pumpkins We had two varieties in … [Read more…]

The Making of a Quilted Pentaptych

The Making of a quilted Pentaptych

A Pentaptych is a work of art consisting of five panels or sections I recently read that pentaptych art is for those who like symmetry and maximum impact” I’m not always about symmetry, but I do like a quilt that has maximum impact. I figure if you’re gonna spend time making a quilt, or spend … [Read more…]