Get Inspiration For Your Next Creative Project

This is the second in the Creative Color Selection Series.
These posts share helpful ideas to choose colors and give you inspiration for your next creative project – no matter what medium that is!

get inspiration for your next creative project

Taking a walk is a great way to pick colors or get ideas for your next project.
I’m not talking just quilts – this can work for anything
Writing, Music, Painting, Quilting, etc…you get the picture.

While my blog focuses on on Quilting and Baking -my mission is to inspire all creative artists.

Taking a walk does wonders with or without a camera.

  • It’s good exercise
  • It clears your head
  • It gets you away from your “work” space
  • .

Throw a camera into the mix and it’s a match made in heaven!

Take photos of anything that catches your eye.
Graffiti on a guard rail? Why not!

Someone’s colorful outfit? Sure it might be the perfect source of inspiration.

Signs, Flowers, Trees, Ugly buildings?

All of those things can help pick a new color scheme
Or give you inspiration for that poem or song you are writing.

Walk for inspiration

and take lots of photos!

When you get back home go through them and choose one that the colors really speak to you.
A recreation of The Morning Coffee Quilt Inspired by an Early Morning Walk and Photo.

The Morning Coffee Quilt is Available At Del~Lillian’s On Etsy and Craftsy

Happy Creating!

Comment Below To Share Your Thoughts On Walking for Inspiration.

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Taking a walk is great for your health, it's also a super source for creative inspriation.  ..Bring along a camera and it's a match made in heaven!


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