Mini Quilts – What’s The point?

Mini Quilts, what’s the point of them?.

They won’t keep you warm.
They could easily be lost on the living room wall

But then again,

Mini Quilts - do make you smile and they are such decorative and useful little creatures! Click To Tweet
And I have another mini creation to share with you.

contemporary floral mini
Contemporary Floral Mini

This one is made with the Island Batik Sea Salt Sandy Collection.

Sea Salt Sandy Fabrics
Sea Salt Sandy Fabrics from Island Batik

The design is an original Del~Lillian Art Quilt Design, that is in it’s infancy 🙂 (basically it’s a sketch)

Materials Used

  1. Fabrics from the sea salt sandy collection
  2. Thermoweb Heat N Bond Lite
  3. Batting
  4. Backing fabric
  5. Rotary Cutter, Quilting Ruler, and Cutting Mat (RCCMQR)
  6. 1/4″ Quilter’s Edge Tape Scissors and other necessary sewing notions

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How I did it

  1. I began with the background and quickly discovered I didn’t like my original idea. I scrapped that!
  2. I ended using only two colors for the background. I used the same technique here as I did in my Improv Quilt..
  3. I was thinking land and Sky when I chose the colors but it kinda looks like the beach and water doesn’t it?

    backgorund, stem, leaves
    Background of earth and sky (or beach and water) with stem and leaves.
  4. The flower stem is made with a bias tube fused to the background with a bit of 1/4″ Quilter’s Edge Tapeand sewn in place with a straight stitch.
  5. Fabrics to be appliqued have Thermoweb Heat N Bond Lite applied to the wrong side them
  6. Leaves are cut free style from a few different prepared green fabrics and fused to the background
  7. As a guide for petal placement, a circle is traced to the background.
  8. Flower petals are cut free style from two different purple fabrics and fused to the background around the traced circle
  9. fuse petals to background
    flower petals are fused to the background – using the guide
  10. They are appliqued in place using a narrow satin stitch with a decorative stitch down the center of each petal to add depth.
  11. petal detail
    Petals are finished with a narrow satin stitch with a decorative stitch down the center
  12. The top petals are 3 dimensional.
    Two petal shapes are sewn right sides together – leaving the lower edge open for turning.
  13. 3D petals
    Top layer of petals are made 3-dimensional with a tiny pleat in each one.

    This was one of those inspired moments. Although I did plan to make the petals 3 dimensional, I was going to use the same decorative stitch down the center of each one before adding it to the background. But instead, I was inspired to pleat each one. This was simpler and gave it even more depth. Next time I’ll add a few more petals!

  14. The flower center is a yin and yang design. I drew out the appropriate size and fused it in place, covering the base of the petals.
  15. I loved using the two vibrant colors for this

    colorful floral mini
    Yin and Yang flower center
  16. The pieces are now machine appliqued in place using a narrow satin stitch
    Superior Fantastico threads are used for the leaves and flower center.

  17. Borders are added with corner blocks in a graduating step.
    Finished sizes are as follows 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.
border detail
mini quilt border detail

Finish it Up!

Next time a pieced mini – here is a sneak peak of some of the block units.

pieced mini quilt
Pieced Mini Quilt using Island Batik Desert Rose Collection of fabrics

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