Style Your Photo Wall Gallery with Mini Quilts

There are plenty of different things you can add to jazz up a Photo Wall Gallery.

  • Art Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Coasters
  • Game Boards
  • Any kind of memorabilia

These are just a few…but the Mini Quilt is special.
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Why Do I love them?

Here are just a few reasons

  1. Mini quilts make decorating a snap
  2. How?

    • Mini quilts come with their own unique frame (the binding).
  3. They add texture
    • Quilts are made with 3 layers: the decorative top, the batting, and the backing.
      The stitching on top adds life to the piece, giving it a gorgeous look, depth, and feel.
      When it’s washed the texture is even more enhanced.
  4. Quilts add splashes of color
    • Fabric comes in every color under the rainbow.
    • And quilts can be found to fit every decorative style and need.
  5. They’re easy to hang
    • If it has a hanging sleeve or pockets it will only take a simple lightweight piece of wood to hang your mini quilt.
    • With hanging, pockets on each corner, command strips will be your best friend
    • No hanging sleeve? No problem! Just need some of these mini quilt hangers and your good to go.
  6. Easy to care for
    • One thing I Love about mini quilts is the easy care. Many quilts are machine washable!
  7. They can help quiet your space
  8. and
    best of all?

  9. They can be made in any size you want.

Mini Quilts and Your Photo Wall Gallery

I’m probably a little biased since I kinda have a thing for quilts,
but I think mini quilts add something extra special to a photo wall gallery.

The mini quilts I make are created in sizes that fit the needs of the Photo Wall Gallery.

Just to recap the advantages of the Mini Quilt

  1. Decorating is a snap
  2. They add texture
  3. Small Splashes of color, that can enhance your photos
  4. They’re easy to hang
  5. Easy to care for
  6. They can be made in any size you want.

When you need something that adds warmth and personality to your walls.
The Del~Lillan’s Mini quilt has you covered.

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