Making the Most of Your Fabric Leftovers

Make the Most of Your Leftovers!

I love leftovers, whether it’s a spaghetti dinner or fabrics leftover from a previous project!
Leftovers fabrics are free to be anything.

But, the trick is to be able to find your fabric!

There's no point in saving fabric leftovers if you can't find what you need Click To Tweet
Or saving fabric that you dislike!

I used to keep my fabrics in bins – organized by color.
Well, at least that is what I attempted to do, it seldom stayed that way.

Leftover Scrap Fabrics in Bins - a disaster
It was a disaster!

I spent hours hunting through the bins of leftover fabrics, some of which I didn’t even like!

It does pay to save most fabric leftovers - get rid of those that don't bring you joy Click To Tweet

By the end I’d get frustrated, giving up on the project or just buying more fabric.
Of course buying more fabric does have it’s benefits….soon those fabrics will be “leftovers too!!! YAY!)

I came up with this clever Idea to use large drawers, fitted with dividers, to house my scrappy fabrics.

Leftover Scrap Fabrics Neatly Folded and Arranged - Awesome :)

It’s a work in progress I have to admit – but I’ve found it very helpful indeed!

What are you going to do with ALL of those Leftovers?

Leftovers, they are perfect for:

  • Appliques
  • Orphan quilt blocks make nice mini quilts

  • Blocks for sampler quilts
  • Leftover Fabrics used in a sampler Quilt

  • Scrappy borders
  • Mug Rugs

  • Examples below are from Desert Bloom Quilting, Links to tutorials are below.

    Example below is from from Maryellen McAulifee of Mary Mack Made Mine.
    Scrap Fabrics as Mug Rugs
    Mug Rugs created by MaryEllen McAuliffe of Mary Mack MadeMine

    You can learn more about Maryellen and her shop here.

  • Crazy Quilting
  • Example below is from from Carol Ann Johnston of Moose Carol Quilts

    Scrap Fabrics in a Crazy Quilt
    Crazy Quilt – Moon Over Mardi Gras, by Carol Ann Johnston of Moose Carol Quilts

    Visit Carol’s Shop and see more of her quilts!

  • A Pieced Background or Backing
  • Examples below are from from Marlene Oddie of Kissed Quilts

    You will be able to see more about these projects later this month on Marlene’s Blog Kissed Quilts
  • … well you get the idea right?

    A Scrappy Quilting Example

    On sale now at DelLillians
    This quilt was made with fabric leftovers aka Scrap fabrics.

    Scrap Fabric used in an art quilt that blends the primitive with the traditional
    Modern Art quilt by Adele Mogavero of Del~Lillian’s

    Modern Strip Piecing Forms the background for the primitive style floral design.
    The floral design is hand appliqued and traditional piecing is used to frame the center.

    Is this quilt for you?

    It is if

    • You enjoy color and modern art
    • You have a free spirited nature and lurking beneath is an attraction to primitive folk art.
    • You like seeing leftover materials creativity used rather than going to waste.

    Although it is designed as a wall hanging, (with hanging sleeve attached)

    Let your decorative style blossom.

    It will look beautiful hanging on your wall – and equally stunning draped over the back of a chair, as a table topper, or an accent centered on the bed.

    More Leftover Fabric Creation Inspiration

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    3. A great post. And quite timely.
      At this moment I am under a mountain of fabrics–whole cuts as well as loads of scraps. What size do you say is no longer worthy to keep? I have to get rid of the 1″ scraps!
      And you speak of what brings joy? Well, all fabrics in my case. But the garage sale is this weekend and it is huge!

      • Thank you Nancy. The mountain of fabrics – it is a quilters blessing and sometimes a curse . . . as far as, getting them organized and under control. 🙂

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