Making Your Own Key Fob.

I use a short fabric strap or fob to hang D-rings on my purse.

This is the next step in making a unique, funky, yet classy art purse.

Making a key fob is really simple.  This post will guide you through the steps.  It's something you can use for a lot of different things tool.

There are a lot of different meaning for Fob…in this post we’ll stick to this one:
FOB: watch pocket; a short strap, ribbon, or chain attached especially to a pocket watch …
We are making a short strap and using it to attach:

Decorative hardware.

I like adding a few bits of decorative hardware, like D-rings to my bags.

When you’re creating your own purse- you’re limited only be your imagination

Doodads and the like can be Buttons, beads, bows, yo-yos, ribbons, lace…etc.

Today let’s make a strap, “FOB” to hold a D-Ring.

Of course, adding doodads and things to your purse is entirely optional

Materials You’ll Need

  • A 3/4″ wide D-Ring
  • Fabric for the strap – 3″ X 10″ should do.
  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler, and Mat
  • Zipper Foot
  • What we’re gonna do.

    To make a strap that will hold a 3/4″ D-ring

    1. Cut a piece of fabric 3” wide.
    2. That wide? You might be asking…

      Yes that wide – the math: Width of D-ring (3/4″) X 4 = 3″

      The length will be determined by where the flap falls. You’ll want the D-ring and a bit of the strap to peek out from under the flap.

    3. Measure down from the top edge of the bag to a point where you’d like the D-ring to fall. Multiply by two.

      So let’s just say that measurement was 4 1/2”

    4. Cut your fabric 3” wide by 9” long.
    5. Fold it in half lengthwise – now it’s 1 1/2” by 9”
    6. Press.
    7. Making the fob:  step 1:  fold the fabric in half lengthwise

    8. Now open it back up.
    9. Press the raw edges into the center.
    10. Making the fob:  step 2.  Open the fabric up, press raw edges to center

    11. Fold it together on that first fold, creating a 3/4” X 9” length.
    12. Making the fob:  step 3, fold it in half again with the raw edges  inside.

    13. Top stitch close to each side. You can also add a row of top stitching down the center if you like.

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    Add the D-Ring and Strap to the Bag

    1. Slide the D-ring onto the strap
    2. Slide the D-ring onto the FOB

    3. Fold the strap in half
    4. Using a Zipper Foot, sew as close as you can to the D-ring, sewing through all layers of the strap.
      This keeps the D-ring at the bottom of the strap.
    5. With the raw edges of the strap even with the top of the bag baste in placea
    6. attach the fob to the bag with raw edges even

    That’s it for today, next time we’ll put that lining in and some final touches.

    Until then Happy Creating!

    Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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