Make Your Modern Table Runner this Weekend

The Modern Table Runner you can made in a weekend

Some Quilts can be intricate, some can be fussy, and some can be easy peasy and fun.
This one falls into the fun category.

I did this on a total whim – without a ton of spare time, and to test a theory on Social Media – I’ll let you know how that goes later 🙂

Digging through my Island Batik fabrics stash I found some
Leftovers of the Tuscany Sun Collection
tuscany Sun
Which were just right for the job.

The project design size and shape were all determined by my leftover fabrics. And you know, you can make so many cool things with leftovers!

So let’s start with the top

I used five different colors
I had between 3/8 – 1/2 yard of the main color and just scraps of the others.

Here is a quick rundown of what I did
You can use any size rectangles and as many as you wish to give you the length and width you’d like.
It’s very free style and free form.


    A word about the cutting. The main color was a 12″ wide strip – which is why the rectangles are cut to this size. My strategy was a quick quilt, without fussing over exact measurements; leaving the trimming to a later step

  • The Purple rectangles were cut 6″ X 12″
  • Three of these are cut in half giving you 6″ X 6″ squares
  • The beige and burnt orange were cut to about 2 1/2″ – 3″ X 10″
  • The horizontal strips were approximately 2 1/2″ x 5″ scraps

    When you’re sewing the strips to the rectangles. Center them on the rectangles.

  • The beige strips are sewn to the right of the purple rectangles
  • modern table runner in a weekend

  • The purple squares are sewn to each side of a horizontal strip (split rectangle)
  • modern table runner in a weekend split rectangles

  • Even it up!
  • even up the split rectangles

  • Next the burnt orange strips are sewn to the right of the split rectangles.
  • Strips sewn to the split rectangles

  • Next assemble your table runner by, alternating the full rectangles untis and the split rectangles units
  • Modern table runner in a weekend top

With the top done, It’s time to make a backing.
You can use a full piece of fabric or piece it like I did.

Again my design was determined by the fabricI had on hand, so I had to piece the Orange backing for the length of my table runner. I also decided to add fun diagonalstrips of fabric, You can read about that technique here.
Backing pieced modern table runner in a weekend

Don’t worry about all those funky edges.
Layer the backing, batting, and top as you normally would with a “normal quilt”
Layering the modern quilt
Do the best you can with getting edges lined up.

Pin baste it and trim it up.

Front and back view of the Modern table runner

I choose to do a curvy edge allowing the edges of the top to dictate the design. You can also cut it even if you want to.

As I am writing this post I stopped…Wait Did I really do that?

Yes I did!

Normally with a quilt like this I would have Quilted first and trimmed next!
I would strongly suggest that you do it that way! What was I thinking! LOL.

Well with that said, for this quilt I trimmed and then quilted – thankfully it all worked out.

The Quilting

I had picked out two different brands of thread.
Sunday morning, all ready to use the purple variegated on top and the Superior Fantastico Blaze on the bottom;
I threaded my sewing machine.

And – no go, not sure why, but the threads decided they didn’t like each other and didn’t want to play.

I really wanted that Blaze on the back, but wasn’t so sure it would work on the front.

Decided to give it a try and well This is how it looks.

Modern table runner in a weekend quilted

What do you think?

It’s finished up with a double fold bias binding . . .

adding a double fold bias binding

and ready to use.

Modern Table Runner make it in a weekend

The Finished Modern Table Runner – Made in a weekend.

if you’d like a more detail instructions or have questions contact me or comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Until next time my friends,
Happy Quilting!

Adele, Creative Domestic Engineer

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  1. Beautiful work and isn’t it fun to just create something as you go…..with no idea how it will really turn out!

    • Thank you Connie. I agree, creating as you go is a blast, and I think it’s great for stretching your skills too.

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