How To Make This Centerpiece With Little Cost

Centerpieces with candles and flowers add a nice touch to the dinner table

  • Softening the mood
  • Creating a Hush
  • Creating an atmosphere that is inviting.

A simply elegant centerpiece you can create with things you have around the house.

This centerpiece is Quick & Easy To Make

And one you might be able to create without spending too much money or none at all.

What do you need?

  1. A platter or tray that will hold water
  2. Four Short Drinking glasses
  3. 1 Wine Glass with a short stem, or a taller drinking glass
  4. Assorted flowers (I bought a small bouquet from the grocery store and picked other flowers from around the house)
  5. Four tea light candles
  6. Water

Assembling the Centerpiece

  1. Arrange flowers in the wine glasses, cutting the stems so they aren’t too tall. (you do want your guests to b able to see over the centerpiece)
  2. Once the wine glass is filled with flowers, you will want to assemble the centerpiece in place

  3. Place the ‘vase’ of flowers in the center of the tray
  4. Arrange four glasses around the “vase”
  5. Fill the short glasses about halfway with water
  6. Place 2-3 flower buds in each glass
  7. Fill tray with water
  8. Float tealights between each drinking glass
  9. arrange assorted flower buds around tray./li>

*the water in the wine glass was colored from the flowers

Light the candles

and enjoy a dinner with family in friends.

Quick and Easy yet simply elegant.

If you have lots of flowers around your yard and tea light candles on hand you won’t have to spend a dime for this centerpiece!!

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Make this centerpiece from things you have on hand.  Quick and Easy to make and simply elegant.


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