How to make an Abstract Pieced Quilt Backing – Part 3

Make a Quilt Backing. Abstract. Pieced. Modern. Fun.

The Finishing steps in our pieced Quilt Backing

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I started this project knowing I wanted it to be roughly 12″ wide
but started with 10″ wide strips. So I knew I’d be widening this out a bit.

Finishing It Up

This is the way we left it in Part 2
How to make an awesome Pieced Quilted Backing
The sides need to be evened up

Starting with 10″ strips, gave me a backing only 8″ wide!
Yikes! All that fancy slicing dicing and sewing shaved 2″ from my original width!

No Worries 🙂

There are plenty of options

  • A length up one side, down the middle, or off centered.
  • Add fabric strips to both sides…
  • You could even make a length of fabric from scraps.

I’m going to keep it simple at this point.
Since it is a backing and the front is a pieced table runner – I don’t want too many seems to mess with my flow-ey quilting.

I cut my backing and sewed a length of fabric off centered to widen it out. This still isn’t going to make it wide enough

How to Make an Abstract Pieced Quilt Backing
Adding a fabric length off centered to widen out the backing

My first thought was to simply add a chunk of fabric to one side but…

making an awesome abstract pieced backing

I decided this looked much cooler

Making an Abstract Pieced Backing

It’s a backing that looks good enough for my quilt top – and that my quilting friends is the point!

It is two quilts in one!

Do you want to see the front?

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