Making a Striking Quilted Bag From Leftovers (Part 2)

Making a Striking Quilted Bag From Leftovers (Part 2)

With the fabric panel complete it can be turned into just about anything I want to make.
make striking quilted totes with your leftover fabrics
This fabric panel will be used for a Striking and functional Art Quilted Del~Lillian’smini-nessenger bag.

Using Leftover Fabric to make a quilted messenger bag

The next step in the construction of my bags

is to embellish the fabric panels with appliques.

I happen to be drawn to circles…
If you have followed me for even a minute you may have noticed that. 🙂

To make my appliques I use random circular items such as,
lids from containers, spools of thread, large paint bottles, whatever I happen to have hanging around my studio at the time that fits the purpose for me.

I trace these to Fusible Webbing.

*affiliate link

 Circles shapes are traced on to the fusible webbing

  • Then I pick out fabric leftovers that I like and fit the project
  • fuse the webbing to the wrong side
  • Cut the circles out -I make sure there is more than enough to choose from (whatever isn’t used, will be used in a different project down the road.)
Circles to applique onto fabric, making striking quilted bags from leftovers
Appliques shapes cut

Those circles are added to the fabric panel, when I am happy with the placement – they are fused in place, and after that all the pieces are machine appliqued in place with a narrow satin stitch.

Now it is ready to be cut up and turned into that bag . . .
Stay tuned for the next steps!

Create it…with leftovers!

A Del~Lillian Art Quilted bag
A Del~Lillian Art Quilted bag

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Using your leftover fabrics you can make striking quilted bags and totes

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