How to Make a Design Wall in a Jiffy!

So you need a design wall in your sewing space and you need it NOW!
This is how I made a design wall in a jiffy for my temporary quilting studio.
How to make a design wall in a jiffy

Design Wall in a Jiffy Materials:


  1. Cut a piece of muslin fabric 2 1/2" wide by
  2. Cut this strip into four 7" lengths.
    *If your slats of wood are wider you will need longer strips.
    I calculated my stips like this (width of wood X 1.75″) X 2
    or 2 X 1.75 = 3.5 X 7 = 7″

    Depending on the size of your batting you may choose to make more than four strips
  3. Fold each of these in half
  4. Pin each folded of these with the raw edges even with the top
    of your batting, spaced evenly

    Pin Strips in place to back of design wall/batting

  5. Sew the fabric strips to the batting across the top. For
    extra durability sew close to edge and 1/4" away.
  6. Sew the strips along the folded edge to the batting to keep
    the "casing" in place.
    *Note: Photo does not show folded edge sewn. This is an important step!! if you don’t sew the “casing” on the folded edge it will flip up, like tab top curtains, when you hang the design wall. This was learned by experience 🙂
    Sew Folded Strips to top of batting
  7. Slide slates through the openings of the fabric
  8. Apply command strips as directed
  9. Hang on the wall. *A second pair of hands, while not
    necessary, is helpful to hang this in place!

Happy creating and quilting with your new design wall.

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Need a Design Wall in your sewing room, right now?  How to make a design wall in a jiffy.


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