Let’s Have Fun Picking Colors For That New Quilt

A fun exploration in picking colors for you next quilting project

Choosing fabrics and colors for a new quilt can be an overwhelming experience.

Let’s put a little fun into it and take out the doubts and worry.

First I’d like to just say, you can get away with a lot when you are choosing colors for a quilt. Quilts made of leftover fabrics can come out beautiful. Even with fabrics that you wouldn’t expect to like each other.

With that said, going into a large fabric shop or visiting an online shop like Fabric.com (*affiliate link) who has more than half a million yards of fabric in their warehouse!
OMG…that’s a lot of fabric đŸ™‚
Yup, I’m in seventh heaven, but it can overwhelm me at times.

Where do you start?

Going in with a plan is step one!
and this series of posts will explore some creative and fun ways to help you choose colors for your next Quilting project!

Today let’s take a peak in the closet…

One of my favorite dresses!
I love the colors bright greens and turquoise blues dashed with black and white.

The quilt was originally made in all neutral tones, using this dress for inspiration it really gives it a brand new look!

Morning Coffee Quilt Pattern, available in my pattern shop

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Since I have more than one favorite dress . . .
I used the same approach to recolor the Safari Stars Baby Quilt with “grown-up” colors.
It makes this quilt just right for a nice wall hanging or small lap quilt.

Safari Stars Baby Quilt Pattern available in my pattern shop

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Your Creative challenge this week?

Pick out your favorite outfit, dress or blouse, one that has a print and lots of colors.
Use those colors as inspiration your next quilt.

Happy Creating!

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Choosing Colors for a quilting project can be overwhelming!  Let's explore some creative ways to pick out cool colors and have a little fun doing it.  :)  #quilting #quiltideas

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