Lessons Learned from a Mini Quilt

Lessons Learned making

A Quilt in Miniature

This one was a challenge for me.

Although I had made a few small quilts, I have never attempted to make a quilt in miniature.
And that is what I set out to do.

This quilt is designed suing Electric Quilt – EQ7 computer software.

That’s the easy part of the project.

Mini Quilt 3 Designed in EQ7
Original layout of design

The finished size of this quilt is 18″ with 4″ blocks.

I had hoped to have this done by the end of March as part of the Island Batik Mini Madness theme of the month.

I Laugh because it was a silly notion.

Just because a quilt is small doesn't mean it's gonna get done fast! Click To Tweet

It’s not perfect, many of my tiny squares came out rectangular.
The only thing I can offer you with this quilt.
Is this:

  • It is an exercise.
  • It is fitness for your quilting skills.
  • It takes some patience to work in miniature.
  • creative inspiration
mini quilt 3 - four patch
The finished size of this unit will be one inch

My expectations were that this quilt would be a breeze to make because it was small.

That was just plain crazy!

Even my preferred quilting method was challenged; with many of the seams so close together, it hindered the flow of my work. A different style of machine quilting would have worked better.

Ta Da…
The Finished Quilt with a changed layout.

Mini Quilt 3 - Island Batik
In closing I’d like to say:

  • Small and tiny pieces = a slow process that can’t be rushed.
  • It is time consuming but well worth the time and effort.
  • It can only improve your quilting skills.

Please take a moment and share your thoughts on quilting in miniature.


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A few Lessons Learned while making a mini quilt


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  1. I’ve worked with some small pieces before, but I don’t think they’ve been this small! You did great!!

    • Thank you so much Kathleen! 🙂

  2. Hello Adele, I like mini quilts that resemble a larger quilt also…I now have a limited sewing space…so I much rather make smaller ones that I can seem to finish…I liked your mini…and was in awe of the chained ones around the center block….

    • Thank You Lori, I am planning to do this up as a pattern at some point.

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