It’s All About The Walls

Before we “dive” into this months series of decorating posts

I want to talk to you about your walls

Wall Decorating Series, decorating the walls

Walls, like tables and other flat surfaces, do not need to be littered with all the finds of the day. (That’s my opinion)

I know how tempting it is to hang every picture. And snippet. Of every special moment.


It gets to be a bit much, doesn’t it?

And all those moments get lost in the clutter.

I’m not sayin’ I haven’t done that. And I’m also confessing there are a few places in my house that need a cleanup.

But I am sayin’, too much is just too much.
It starts looking cluttered and messy.

Cluttered and messy walls (busy wall syndrome)
Make you feel overwhelmed and unfocused.

I’m telling you this from personal experience.

I’ll use my Quilting studio as an example.

There was a time, in the not so distant past, that I kept all my in-progress projects on my design board.

As you can imagine, it was quite the sight. Colorful, lively, fun.

a view of my design wall cluttered with quilts
But Messy, unorganized, and overwhelming!

I couldn’t stay focused on any one project because there was a dozen more just as exciting to work on.

Recently I got it into my head to put everything away, except one project.

What a difference!

I walk into my quilting studio and know exactly what the project is for the day.

There’s no question about what I’ll be doing.

And there ain’t a thing to distract me, so it’s super focused work.

I get a lot more done

A lot quicker.

and an added bonus? I’m not feeling tired and stressed out.

I think the same goes for walls anyplace in the house.

Too much creates a look that is busy, your eyes have no place to rest.

You end up feeling…overwhelmed, maybe even stressed out.

Over the next few weeks, I challenge you to unclutter some of your wall surfaces, maybe the fridge too 🙂

Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect balance for you and your family.

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