If Pilates Counts as a Workout, So Does My Housework

I know some people don’t think Housework counts as a workout, but I figure if Pilates does, so does my housework!

Today the 5AM routine didn’t offer any benefits – except that I worked out.
I usually don’t workout on Thursday because I do Housework.
If Pilates Counts as a Workout, So Does My Housework

  • There is running up and down stairs, dusting and vacuuming.
  • lugging laundry baskets to the laundry room and moving furniture to vacuum underneath. (strength training)
  • For a little stretch and flexibility – it’s cleaning those hard to reach places.

Yup, I’d say that cleaning give you a fine workout if you give it all you’ve got.

But yet today Day 4 of the 21 Day Fix , I got up and did Pilates at 5 AM with my Husband.

I’m not sure how I feel about Pilates.

  • This seems like one of the longest routines to me.
  • It’s done in sections and not rounds, like other 21 day fix routines and you don’t repeat any of the exercises.
  • It’s tough, you’re using muscles that you probably don’t even know you have.
  • Your not jumping around or lifting weights so you might wonder what the benefits are. (I often do)
  • It is an active recovery day. So after 3 days of strength and cardio it’s a nice change.
  • Autumn adds in a nice little bonus round for you too 🙂

So my benefit today wasn’t a lot of extra time to get my work done, just an extra workout.

Did you Know
Pilates was created by Joseph Pilate and was first called Contrology?

What are your thought about Pilates?

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3 replies to If Pilates Counts as a Workout, So Does My Housework

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  2. Leo, great thoughts on cardio and weight training! I do run up and down the stairs with lots of boxes…fabric, dishes, seasonal decorations! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Definitely – up and down stairs is cardio and weight training in one, long as we properly bring up our laundry, boxes, and baseball cards haha!
    Gotta love the oxygen it adds to the body.

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