How to Make Quote Cards With Canva

Quote Cards are a simple way to convey a message and you can make your own simply and easily using Canva.

how to make quote cards in 5 detailed steps a tutorial


  • inspire
  • motivate
  • teach
  • make you think
  • pass on positive vibes

Sure you can find zillions of quote cards on the internet but, if you can
make it yourself, it will help to establish YOUR BRAND.

It’s easily add your own artwork, designs, brand colors, or photos.

How To Make A Quote Card, Quickly and Easily in Canva.

If you don’t have a Canva account go ahead and sign up for one now, it’s free….I’ll wait 🙂

Let’s Get Started

  1. Choose the size for your Quote Card

    • So now that you have your Canva account open it up; you’ll be welcomed with a Create a Design window.
    • There are lots of options for the size of your quote card.
      Pick the option that works for you.
      I used the Social Media Template for the example quote card in this tutorial

    Canva Welcome Screen

  2. The Layout

    • The screen will open to a blank canvas, with layout options on your left.

      but, we aren’t going to use these layouts..

    Layout Options for Quote Cards

    • Using the menu on the left, click on Elements
    • You’ll see 9 elements.Click on grids

    9 elements to use in your quote cards

    • Use the single grid layout.
      Choosing a single grid lets you quickly and easily drop a photo in.

    preparing the layout for quote cards

  3. Next Let’s get a photo!

    • click on the Uploads tab

      If you’ve just opened up your Canva Account, you won’t have any photos uploaded yet.

    • Click on the upload your own image and navigate to a folder with the images that you’d like to use. For this tutorial I am going to use a scenic photo that I took several years ago.
    • photo

    • Click on the picture you want and it will upload easily to canva.
      (You can also drag on image from you desktop, directly to the Canva Window)
    • Now drag the picture onto your Canva – layout.
    • Ready for photo editing

    • Now we’ll need to fine tune the background.
      For this quote I am going to simply adjust the transparency to 50%. (this will make the text readable).
      You’ll find the transparency settings in the drop down menu when you click on the picture
    • adjust the photo for quote card

  4. Now to add the Quote

    • Click on the text on the left side, and then click the Add Heading

      It will automatically put a text box on top of your photo.

    add the quote

    • Highlight the Add Heading words – and simply type or paste your quote there.
    • Now you can choose the font, color, and size you like from the drop down menu
      Click on the arrow on the right, and you can adjust alignment, transparency and text spacing.
    • When you click on the text, you’ll also be able to move and resize the text box.

      I adjusted the line height for this quote to spread it out over the card.

    Fine tune the text in the quote card

    • Give Credit to the author of the quote 🙂
    • Don’t forget to add who the quote is by! – following the same steps as above, but using the “add a little bit of text” menu.

  5. Last But Not Least!

  6. Last but not least, add your brands watermark.

Here’s the Final Result – sized down to 500 X 500 to fit my blogs style!

Example of a Quote Card made in Canva
Example of a Quote Card made in Canva

The best part, the next time you make a quote card you can simply copy this one

drop a new picture in – all the settings will be the same
drop a new quote in and you’re good to go 🙂

Good places to find quotes.

  • Brainy Quote
  • Good Reads
  • Have questions or need more help, feel free to contact me or comment below.

    Happy Quoting!

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