How to make Awesome Quilted Totes with Left Overs

One of the things I love doing, is making art out of leftovers.

How to make awesome totes from leftovers part 1
Using the leftover pieces of fabric from other projects and making it into a cool art quilt or quilted item, like a tote bag or Christmas Stocking, is part of what Del~Lillian’s is all about.

There are always extra fabric leftover from other projects.
It might be extra blocks or extra strips of fabric; I can always count on a bit of fabric being leftover too!

I like the term leftovers better then scraps. Scraps make it sound as if they should have been tossed away and aren’t worthy of being put into another project!

Leftovers remind me of, well leftovers…my favorite being spaghetti…leftovers are good, sometimes even better the next day.
I love spaghetti when it's Leftover as much as leftover fabric :)

Fabric leftovers are what makes the difference between a quilted project being ordinary or extraordinary. Click To Tweet

Scrap Fabric used in an art quilt that blends the primitive with the traditional
Modern Art quilt by Adele Mogavero of Del~Lillian’s

The following photo is the first step of a project I am working on right now, made from bits and pieces of fabric I have in my “leftover bins”. It may not look like much yet…

Using Leftover Fabric to make a quilted messenger bag
But this will be a super functional and artistic, mini messenger bag.
Big enough to handle an Ipad or an old fashioned (but very useful) notepad.
It will have inside and outside pockets.

I will be sharing the progress of this bag and what goes into the making of my quilted bags over the next few weeks, hope you will follow along.
Note: these posts cover the general steps of the outside of a Del~Lillian Art Quilted bag.

Create it…with leftovers!

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how to make awesome totes with leftovers