How to Make an Abstract Quilt Backing and Save Money.

Buying the backing for quilts can be costly.
Making a pieced backing for your quilts from your stash and fabric scraps can help you save money while making a reversible quilt.

Make an Awesome, One of a Kind, Pieced Quilt Backing and save on cash

I want to show you how to make an abstract, pieced quilt backing.
It’s the one you won’t want to hide, and best of all it doesn’t have to cost you anything.
(Part 1 of 3)

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They’re modern

fun and vibrant.
and made with your fabric leftovers (which makes your backing cost nada!) cool huh?
and I’m going to show you how to do it in just a few easy and simple steps.

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This tutorial is for a table runner backing.

This technique could be applied to small quilts. All you need is plenty of fabric scraps in a variety of lengths and sizes

  1. The First step is to measure the table runner to decide the width of the backing. Add a couple of inches to the length and width.

    My table runner is 10 X 54, my backing size needs to measure at least 12 X 56.

  2. Gather up your fabric leftovers.
  3. Make an Awesome Pieced Quilt backing in a few easy steps

    The fabric pieces I have chosen for the base blocks are 10″ pre-cuts. Even though that isn’t quite wide enough it will all work out just fine! 🙂 trust me.

  4. Cut your chosen fabrics into 5, 6, or even 7″ widths, forming rectangles

  5. Sew the rectangles together on the long sides forming a long backing

    • I like to sew two at a time
    • Press the seam towards the darker fabric
    • Then sew two units together, and so on, to create the full length of the backing
  6. You could leave it like this, it makes a pretty and functional backing.
    But if you want something a bit more artsy, a bit more abstract, a bit more unusual…
    Check out the next step, because that’s when the fun begins.

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