How to Make an Abstract Quilt Backing and Save Money. Part 2

An Abstract Quilt Backing that won’t break the bank.
Lot’s of fun to make too!

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Making an awesome, you don’t want to hide it, Abstract Quilt Backing

and it doesn’t have to cost you a nickel!
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Part 2 of 3

  • Press your long length. Mine is 10″ By 64″, not wide enough but it is plenty long enough.
  • I could simply add a 4″ length of fabric to one side, but I want this to be a bit more on the abstract crazy, Del-Lillian Style kinda thing.

  • You’ll need more scraps, preferably lengths of 15 – 30″ long.
  • Cut your long lengths any where from 1″ super narrow, to a generaous 2 1/2″ wide.

How to do a Basic Slice and sew.

  1. Make a diagonal cut, anywhere and at any angle.
  2. With RST sew the backing to each side of the strip.

How to make a Complex Slice and Sew

  1. Begin with a diagonal cut. To make it more interesting cut it in the opposite direction.
  2. sew a strip to one side
  3. Now make a Basic Slice and sew with the other section of backing.
  4. The edges will end up jagged, and that’s fine.

  5. Go ahead and even the edge up.
  6. Now sew this Basic Slice and Sew to the narrow strip in step two
Making and Abstract Pieced Quilt Backing
Sew the backing together again

This process is simply repeated across the length of the backing fabric

For more abstract or artsy fartsy drama, slice and sews can also be made through existing ones.

How to make an awesome Pieced Quilted Backing
We’ll finish this in (Part 3)

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