How Quilts Saved My Sanity

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How hanging quilts saved my sanity at family dinners.

Sure that sounds crazy, right?
Hanging Quilts in my house saved my sanity.
Our Dining room is very small.
When we moved into our cute home, we figured we could make it work, it might be tight to get everyone around the table.

It would be nice and cozy!

I never gave noise a thought.

A little chatter in a tiny room turns into a lot of noise.

Our first dinner, was a disaster with 10 adults and 4 kids – the noise in that room was deafening. I was almost in tears! No one could hear anyone with the sound bouncing off the walls and floor.

After that first dinner party – I decided we needed lots of fabric to absorb all that noise.

Curtains and a rug were the first steps.

The hanging of the quilt and tiled fiber art came next and have been a lifesaver!

Quilts with their layers of cloth and batting, serve a lot of purposes. They can help cut down on the noise factor when you have lots of people around.

And that my friends can save your sanity when you have a big family gathering 🙂

So, Quilts are everyplace in my house, on the walls, and over the doors. Decorating the table and tossed on chairs.

They not only make a house a home, they make a house a quieter home!
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How Quilts Saved My Sanity - Keeping the volume of noise down in the house, especially our small dining room.


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  1. I had the same noise issue in my dining and solved it like you did. Best yet, I visit my quilts daily.

    • It’s surprising how noisy a house can be and how much quilts help. And you’re right, you get to see them everyday! Thanks for stopping by Marcy!

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