How Long Does It Take to Make a Quilt?

Question: “How long would you say it takes to make a quilt?”

I’ve been asked that question a zillion times!
how long does it take to make a quilt
Answer: I usually shrug my shoulders, and point to my 10 Year Quilt…well it took 10 years for me to finish that one.

Technically, if I strung all the hours together, it wouldn’t add up to ten years :).

I have no idea what kind of time commitment went into it.
I made that quilt for the pure joy of creating.
There was no need to keep a tally of the hours.

But people still want to know what the time commitment of quilting.

I’m here to tell you –

There is no answer.

The amount of time it takes to create a quilt depends on
A LOT of things.

  1. Does it depend on the size of the quilt?
  2. A big quilt will take longer than a small quilt.
    Not always true.
    Miniature quilts can take Longer then there full size counterparts.
    Why? Small pieces are more of a challenge to handle.

  3. What about the blocks?
    • Basic Blocks like a Nine Patch are
      easy blocks that can create beautiful pieces.
    • These blocks are completed quickly with rotary cutting and quick piecing methods.
      table runner made with nine patch block
      (Pattern for this table runner available here)

    • More complex blocks like a lone star or one with set in piecing will take a bit more time
    • Appliqued quilts can take more time and patience

    • And there are different techniques to choose from too!
      Hand applique: This technique takes more time than machine applique but well worth the effort

      Machine Applique: is quicker and gives a nice outline to the shapes.

  4. How will it be quilted?
  5. Machine quilting can be done quickly.
    Hand quilting takes time, determination, and perseverance!

  6. What Kind of Binding will be used?
  7. What is your Skill Level?
  8. A beginner will take longer to complete a project.
    A quilter at any level will take longer to complete a project when learning a new technique.

  9. What is your Personal Work Style?
  10. I believe that you get much more done and accomplished in an organized and clean work space. If you are constantly looking for tools that you’ve misplaced. You’re wasting your quality creative time.

These are just a few things that will decide the amount of time it takes to make a quilt.
My thoughts?

  • If you want your next quilt done in a jiffy – keep it pretty and simple.
  • If you want to do that elaborate quilt – know it will take more than a weekend!
  • Keep your skills and limitations in mind – but don’t let your skill set keep you away from that challenging quilt! Just know yourself.
  • If you need it done by a certain day – Stay on task
  • Don’t worry about how long it takes to make a quilt.

Create your new quilt with joy and have fun.
Every new quilt is a new Learning experience.

Enjoy your quilting Journey! 🙂

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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How long does it take to make a quilt?


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6 replies to How Long Does It Take to Make a Quilt?

  1. That question always makes me cringe when I get asked. What it takes for me won’t take for you. LOL. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!!

    • And it is a Journey to be enjoyed!

  2. Good post. I like your thoughts at the end. I consider myself a beginner/intermediate quilter and I do it for fun. I don’t think I would enjoy it under pressure.

    • It is hard to be creative under pressure Kathleen and I struggle with that having a creative business. Fortunately I have other creative pursuits (like playing the piano) to help me through those moments!

  3. Good thaought Adelle. I heat this question too. It’s not about the time but the experience. If you throw in fabric selection and creative process that adds to the total too.

    • Totally agree Sally!

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