The Home Decor Essential. Mug Mats!

Call them whatever you want. Mug Mats, Snack Mats, or Mug Rugs.

I say Mug Mats are a Home Decor Essential.

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They’re not only cute to use for what they’re actually meant for, you know, putting a coffee cup or beer mug on.

They’re simply adorable as part of a wall gallery.

Four reasons why I love them for wall art

  1. They add a little jazzy pop of color to the wall.
  2. home decor, decorating ideas, wall art, mug mats, contemporary art #wallart #homedecorideas

  3. They’re easy to hang.
  4. Easy to change-up with the seasons.
  5. They are inexpensive pieces of art

But that’s not all!

They make great gifts for just about any occasion.

and did I mention how easy they are easy to hang up?

My mug mats and small wall art made with corner hanging pockets on the reverse side. All you need is a piece of cardboard and command strips. How simple is that?

But if you have mug mats that don’t have that convenience. These cute mini hang ups will do the trick.

Mug Mats, Snack Mats, Mug Rugs. The Home Decor Essential you’ll love 🙂

and heck if you get tired of it on the wall…use it as a mug mat right?

home decor, decorating ideas, wall art, mug mats, contemporary art #wallart #homedecorideas

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