Helpful Tips For Your Next Fabric Search at Fabric dot Com

Tips for your next Fabric.Com, Fabric Search

It is a little daunting when you begin to search for fabric online.

When it came time to make curtains for my kitchen
and change-up the formal style of the dining room, I wanted to find some fun and funky fabrics.
But where to begin???

a few tips to help you easily find fabric at

I Shopped at (*affiliate link) because they have a few choices, to say the least,

But you need a plan!

You can narrow your fabric search down by:

  • Type of Fabric (Batik, Quilting Cotton, flannel, etc)
  • Brand/Designer
  • Categories
  • Color Family
  • Theme (like animals, bugs, etc…)
  • Fabric Pattern
  • Width
  • and even Price.
  • Depending on how you searched other options will be available

If I were to search this way:

  • Quilting Fabric
  • Quilting Cotton
  • Animals

Well, every animal under the sun comes up, helpful if you want a quilt with lots of different animals.
Not helpful if all you want is some Funky Chickens.

I found this approach to work better.

  1. Search with your Theme first in the search box at the top.
  2. Chickens

  3. Next pick your Fabric Category
  4. Quilting Fabric

  5. Then continue to narrow your search until you find the fabric that’s just right for you.
  6. Quilting Cotton

If you want something like a multi-colored Polka Dot Cotton Quilting Fabric

  1. Search Polka Dot
  2. Fabric Category: Quilting Fabric
  3. Fabric Type: Cotton
  4. Color Family – Multi

Some Themes will need more steps to narrow the search. Flowers for instance, will come up with a whopping 2,063 items for “Flowers” in Multi Quilting Cotton Quilting Fabric
That will need a little more work, and you may need to revisit the category or theme sections.
Sometimes the results come up with the perfect fabric that you didn’t know you needed 🙂
Like the Michael Miller Summer Lovin Flower Frolic Black

Michael Miller Floral FAbric
I just happened to fall in love with this (my mind is already whirring away at the possibilities…fabric is so exciting and fun!)

Back to the Fabric Search!

It will take time to find your fabric, think of it as browsing through your favorite (very large) fabric shop
And best of all?
Once you’ve found that perfect fabric?- (*affiliate link) will bring up other choices too.
That’s how I found the Red Flower Print to go with my Tossed Chickens.

Tossed Chicks Fabric - Just right to add a cheery country flair

What special fabric are you looking for today?
Me? I’m looking for ninja turtles to make pillowcases.
See you there 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Finding fabric online can be overwhelming, hear are a few tips when you are searching at Fabric.Com


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