Did You Know Your Handmade Quilt Is Magic?

That handmade quilt of yours can make magic …

Imagine this, you’re four years old and its a rainy cool summer day.

You’re wishing you could be outside playing, running through the grass with your pup along.

Instead, you’re stuck in the house and bored to tears. Literally.
Your handmade quilt is magic, it can comfort, it can keep you warm...

All of a sudden, mom appears with a “blanket” that has so many colors!

You ask her what it is and she tells you it’s a handmade quilt that her mom made for her when she was a kid.

Your mom tells you how special it is and best of all it’s magic.


When I was little, I used to make magic castles from this quilt.

Your eyes grow wide…a Castle? how’d you do that?

I used to stretch this big old quilt across a couple of chairs or over a table.

Do you want to try?

Of course, you do…The day slips by while you build your castle and hang out in it, mom even let you have your lunch in there.

A handmade quilt is just right to build a "castle" to play in all day long!

That old quilt can turn into a magic castle for a sulky little kid.

It will comfort you, keep you warm, soothe your soul and bring you joy.

Yup, that’s the magic of a handmade quilt…

No quilts around???

Here are is a simple four patch quilt, that you can feel okay about your kids using, loving, and making magical castles with on a rainy (or sunny) day.

Make a Quilt ~ Make a Memory
Buy a quilt ~ give a memory

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